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It’s Friday, so I guess I’ll write a post today

Posted Mar 29 2013 12:52pm

If you celebrate Good Friday, Happy Good Friday to you.
if not,
just a regular Happy Friday to you

I was not planning on working from home today, but our answering service just happened to call while I was standing with the Dr. yesterday and asked if we were going to be open today. I answered, “Yes, we are open tomorrow.” kind of lost as to why we would be closed.. Then it dawned on me that it was Good Friday. When I hung up my Dr, who also had no clue it was Good Friday, asked “What’s tomorrow?”  After I told him he said I didn’t have to come in tomorrow (today). I offered to work from home … sweet!

Man, I love working from home. I love the freedom of being able to work in my Pjs and let the puppies outside often through out the day. (I hate that they are crated, but they really are monsters, so it’s an evil necessity).  Wyatt is currently sitting up with his back propped up against the couch and his back legs crossed.. I don’t have a camera nearby, or I’d take a picture. Dog is crazy.

Kind of like that, but his back is up against the couch. BTW, that is Diva’s bed. He laid in/on that bed ALL DAY last Sunday.


There is pretty much nothing happening over here.  Yesterday I saw one of my Strider running pals and she kind of made me miss running a teeny bit. But don’t tell her I said that bc I proclaimed that I’m never going back to running. In all honesty, I actually thought about putting on my running shoes and going out this morning. But the thought of how ugly it would probably turn out kept me from doing it. I doubt I can run a mile right now, and having to start all over sounds miserable.. Especially when the summer heat is coming.

SPEAKING OF, what the heck is up with our weather the last few weeks. Usually by now we are having scorching summer days, but the last few weeks have been AMAZING!  Our highs this week have been in the 60s!! woohoo!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen the two workouts I did this week.. uhm, yeah, majorly slacking in the workout department, but whatever.

Tuesday I hit the gym early for an upper body workout -

5 min cardio warm up + stretching

push ups 3×5
bench press 3×8 20,30,25
DB fly 3×10  10# db
bent over row 3×12 30,40,40
lat raise with yellow band 3×12
shoulder press 8/15, 6/15,8/10
tricep extension (overhead) 3×12 20,25,25 db
barbell curl 3×10 30#
lat pull down 3×8 70,75,75
cable row 3×10 45#

This was intense.. When I got home I could barely lift a the 1/2 gallon of milk to make Chris’ breakfast. By the next day my chest/arms were so sore turning tight corners in my car, like parking became increasingly difficult & painful. The steering in my car is already really tight, and being so sore was super fun.

tues upper body IG

Wednesday I headed to the gym for some lower body work. I woke up at 4:15, had a banana & protein shake then headed out.. I was tired.   I did 5 min cardio warm up + 5 minutes of stretching – still felt totally wiped out.

I headed to the squat rack. Did one set with just the bar and knew right away that wasn’t going to work. I was struggling with just the bar, what the what? I decided I’d use the smith machine instead.. Loaded 95lbs and could barely squat it out. Oh man, I was getting so frustrated, and incredibly hot. I made it through 3 sets, and contemplated just going home.

I didn’t want to wimp out so easily so I went back to the squat rack and got ready for stiff-leg deadlifts.  Made it through 3 x8 with 95# … dying. so hot. starting to feel like I’m suffocating.

Not quitting. headed to the a bench for bulgarian split squats 3×8 w/ 15lb dumb bell in each hand.. feeling okay

Headed over to the hack squat machine 3×8 50,70,70 …

Done. I was starting to feel nauseous, way over heated, and just wiped out. I still had about 3-4 more exercises to complete, but I just didn’t feel like it.
I hate to feel like a quitter, but I felt horrible. It was bizarre.

lower body wed IG

I ended up with this workout:

smith machine squat 3×8
SL deadlift 3×8
bulgarian split squat 3×8
hack squat 3×8

By the end of the day Wednesday I was starting to get sore. I woke up Thursday morning hobbling around. Maybe I should be thankful I cut that workout short, otherwise I might not be able to walk. I can’t believe how sore I am. I guess I was pushing harder than I thought?


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