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It’s a long weekend…

Posted May 25 2013 4:55pm

It seems about right that I would go to a blogger retreat, write two posts than forget I even have a blog. I make sense like that. Life has been busy…but not exactly exciting. Well, kind of exciting, just not blog-worthy, photo-filled exciting.

I got home from BLEND on Sunday, picked Chris’s brother, Ethan, up from the airport on Monday, escaped to the mountains on Tuesday, waved good bye to Ethan and caught up on work stuff Wednesday, spent at least 10 hours working at Panera on Thursday, paid a little attention to the house and packing on Friday and played more work catch up today.

And now its officially the weekend – a long weekend! I am caught up with my random work just enough to justify leaving it all behind once again…this time for some quiet time in the mountains. Rough life, right?

Who are we kidding. My life is not rough. Thanks to Chris and his fantastic husbandry ways I’ve spent the last 6 months semi-employed and am about the spend the next month wandering the country. I can not complain. I will not complain. This is awesome. Eventually reality will have to kick in  and I’ll return to the workforce full time, but for now – I’m going to use and abuse all my free time!

So, technically, my entire life is a long weekend…

We have some fun plans for this weekend…they don’t start until early, early Sunday morning and they involve very little sleep but sleep is overrated and Mt Dew is on sale! Plus, we’ll be waking up to views like this…

…photo from camping near La Plata last Memorial Day Weekend of 2012…

…and I will be one happy camper. Literally.

I’m even charging up my camera so I can taunt you will mountain views, snowscapes and just plain awesome. I’m rarely this responsible…I tend to pray for battery life!

If you happen to be one of the unfortunate people stuck at work over the weekend, I am sincerely sorry. That sucks. That used to be me…I feel your pain. For your entertainment you can read about our trip last Memorial Day weekend…when we hiked up the wrong freaking mountain: The almost, but not quite 14er .

Lastly, THANK YOU to every single veteran, in training and active duty person in the military. Our country would not be what it is today without you, your sacrifice and your families support. I truly thank you for that. You deserve so much more than one Monday a year…but I also thank you for this long weekend!

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