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Posted Jan 02 2013 9:58pm

Good grief, I couldn’t be more excited that 2012 is over. While 2012 held some great  moments, it was mostly plagued with a lot of frustration and unhappiness for me. I spent way more time than I ever want to admit dwelling on all the bad things that were happening – both the insignificant and significant – and immersing myself in negativity.

I like to think I am a generally happy person. For the most part,  I’m pretty laid-back and can take things in stride. I really, genuinely like 99% of the people that I am around. I lead a very comfortable, happy life. And yet, despite all of the things that there were to be thankful for, I spent a lot of time wallowing in negativity.

What this roughly translates to is that I spent a lot of time finding the flaws in things. I had more fights with Sean than I care to remember, I found myself mentally picking other people apart, and I did a lot of emotional eating and mental self destruction. I wouldn’t say I was depressed, but I certainly wasn’t doing anything to make myself any happier.

All of this to say, in 2013 I’m trying to focus on being more positive. I’m tired of finding things to nitpick with myself, with those around me, with my job, and with my workouts. I feel like life is much too short to spend it being upset or irritated, especially about things that are out of my control.

You’re welcome for getting so philosophical.

Moving on…

How was everyone’s New Year’s? What’d you all do? Sean and I ended up having some friends over and just hanging out at our house. In a move that should shock no one, I didn’t take any pictures. Luckily, I have Facebook to snag a few from to commemorate my night. And by a few, I mean two.


This is a very small glimpse into my kitchen. That is my friend Marlesa. She is the reason we are so festive looking. Thanks Marlesa, for bringing party favors!! And, in another move surprising to no one, I am being super awkward with my hands. One day I’ll learn how to stand naturally.

Some people in my household might have had a teensy bit too much to drink. When you drink too much, you end up with pictures like this plastered all over the internet:


There are multiple things that are strange about this picture.

Luckily, I managed to consume just as much water on New Year’s as I did alcoholic beverages, so I woke up hangover free. Unluckily, I’ve been dealing with a nagging cough and stuffy nose for days now, and while I woke up sans headache, I also woke up unable to breathe. So that was fun. When I couldn’t convince my body to allow me anymore sleep, I decided to get up and move a little.


First workout of the new year accomplished. I spent 30 minutes walking outside in the rain, 30 minutes walking on the treadmill, and 15 minutes letting Jackie Warner boss me around while I sculpted my arms into perfection. Or something like that.

Sean said it was a bad idea for me to take a walk outside when it was cold and drizzly outside. I told him I don’t take advice from men who wear tiaras and went anyways. It’s debatable whether that was a good move or not. And even if it did prolong my cold, it sure was relaxing walking around the neighborhood while no one else was out and the drizzly, cold weather wasn’t so bad.

Of course, I still can’t breathe and now I seem to have developed a soreness in my chest when I cough…

If Sean was right, I’ll never admit it.

I’m excited about what 2013 has in store! Who has big plans for this year? Or small plans? Or just plans?

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