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Is this a calf tear?

Posted by nycoach

What a great site!!  Ok, I ran my first marathon a few weeks ago. I had serious cramping issues, got through it and finished, but ever since, I've been having issues with my legs while running.  On my run 2 days ago, I got a VERY sharp pain at the base of my calf, higher than any achilles tweaks I've ever felt.  It hurt alot yesterday, I iced, wore recovery socks, didn't run etc.  This morning I wake up and it still REALLY hurts even walking on it, but does not hurt to the touch whatsoever.  I'm taking today off again, but I'm getting paranoid that I might be taking some real time off with this, which is NOT what I want to do at this point.  Any ideas what this could be?  Thank you so much!
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Thank you Allen!  I've tried not running for the past few days, and I've been biking without any pain. I'm not going to run again until I don't feel any pain in this thing.  I hope it heels fast. Thanks again

I hope you gave yourself a month for recovery from your marathon. The rule of thumb is a day of recovery for every mile run. When you do your normal running, run heavy/light. Here are the stretches I do to strengthen my calves and other muscles. Take as much time off as you need for healing. A week or two lost now may save months lost later on.

Pain is not a normal condition. It is a sign from your body that it can't handle the stress it is receiving. Contrary to what others may say, never try to run through pain. Running through light soreness is ok but not serious soreness or pain of any kind.

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