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Is the Morning Run the Best Time to Run?

Posted Jul 13 2010 12:17pm

The weather here in Chicago has been hot and humid for the last few weeks. Perhaps I’m odd but for the most part, I don’t consider the weather when deciding to go joggling . The weather is what the weather is.

But my wife suggested that it might be a good idea to run in the morning before the sun made it too hot. She just couldn’t understand why I was continuing to do my workouts at 3pm. “Don’t you get hot?” she asks.

Upon reflection, I guess I do get hot. My runs have been a little slower and I’m sweating profusely.

Since I wake up between 5 and 5:30 am, there is some logic in running earlier rather than later. So, for the last week I’ve been joggling in the morning.

1. It is generally cooler in the morning and that feels good.
2. I’m not running much faster
3. It is more peaceful in the morning
4. I like running with the sun to my back
5. You find more money in the morning
6. It’s a little harder to motivate myself in the morning than in the afternoon

I’m not sure if I’ll stick with the morning joggling routine, but for this hot weather it does make sense.

When is your favorite time to run? Leave a comment below.

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