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Is Sugar Reducing Your Life Expectancy?

Posted Feb 10 2010 11:11pm

Here’s some bad news that pits my love of candy bars and soda in conflict with my desire to live until 107. According to this research published in the November issue of Cell Metabolismworms with extra glucose added to their diets live about 20% less sugarpilethan their usual life span. Researchers believe it is a result of some insulin signals that are affected by the glucose.

Nowthis research is only in worms and hasn’t been confirmed in mice or humans so it might not be time to give up candy bars just yet.

As an asideI do find it strange that the lead author is a believer in low-carb diets. This could bias her in favor of finding evidence that supports her belief in the benefits of low-carb. Of coursethis could just be my bias in favor of wanting to continue to eat candy bars and drink soda. lol.

Sothe bottom line is that if you want to live longer there might be some reason to reduce sugars and carbohydrates in your diet.

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