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Is my calf injury serious? Will it cause me not to run a marathon in twelve weeks? How do I continue my training?

Posted by Jay

I run 25-45 miles per week. Recently I somehow injured my calf. The pain is right above my right calf but shoots down to entire calf when I run. There is a point right above my calf but below my knee to the right where the pain originates and is most accute.
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I think that any injury is serious. My suggestion is to see a good doctor, perferably a sports doctor, about your injury. A serious injury will likely mean that you should not do the marathon this time. In the mean time, use ice to help reduce the swelling. Do stretches to help strengthen your calves. Don't, however, procrastinate going to a doctor, because you could make your injury worse and thus have a longer recovery.

Try and figure out how and why you were injured. If you don't do that and you return to your training, you'll probably get injured again.
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