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Is it better to jog for 60 minutes once a week, or to jog 20 minutes a day every other day?

Posted by Ben S.

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Always work out!. Jogging 20 minutes a day every other day is much better, because you need to jump start your metabolism everyday. Your not burning all your calories during the workout, but also after the workout. If you do a little everyday you'll build up a routine and it won't be a chore anymore, but you'll actually enjoy it. 60 minutes will be rough to maintain every week, because 60 minutes of any aerobic exercise is extremely strenuous.
20 Minutes Every Day. If you constantly work out everyday it will keep your body in CONSTANT good shape. ALthough, I would suggest changing speeds and such so your body does not get bored with the work out :)
Got to keep your metabolism up. It's much better for your body to have smaller doses of regular exercise than to sit on the couch all week and then pound it with one long, strenuous activity. Aside from it being safer (less risk of injury) shorter regular workouts do a better job of keeping your metabolism high, so you're burning more calories even when you're resting. Exercise provides psychological benefits too, which are maximized by frequent (3+ weekly) activity. Experts now say that you can give your heart a good cardio workout with just 20 minutes of moderately strenuous activity like jogging or swimming laps. Of course there's nothing intrinsically wrong with 60 minutes of continuous exercise--if you're in great shape, and can do it say 3 times a week. But most of us don't have the time or ambition for that, so I'd stick to the 20 minute, more frequent routine.
Every other day...That's the Way. Every other day is the way to make sure your cardio work is truely working for your fitness and health. Doing cardio work every other day (or most days of the week) can assist in increasing your metabolism (great for the calorie burning fanatic), maintaining/losing weight, as well as strengthening your heart and lungs, hence reducing your risk for heart related disease (i.e. hypertension, heart disease, etc). Individuals who engage in "once a week 'long' workouts....i.e. the weekend warrior workout" increase their risk of injury. The cumulative effect of regular, consistent cardio work has far more benefits and is the way to go.
everyday...well, 6 days a week.. if you do the 60 once a week, 1. you're not keeping your metabolism up 2. your body will freak out - it needs the routine of a day to day situation. plus you'll end up super sore for your once a week exercise and that's no good.
Also, think about the impact on your body.. Only running once a week, and at a long duration such as 60 minutes, would put too much stress on your ankle, knee, hip, and back joints that it's just not ready for. By only working out once a week, you're not going to develop any. The week off is enough time to lose the benefits and somewhat "get back out of shape." Running 20 minutes every other day, besides the metabolism consideration, would provide cardiovascular benefits and allow your body time to adapt and be better equipped to handle the impact.
I think you should jog 60 minutes with alot of clothes on and sweat pants to lose wieght. Wearing alot of clothes can make you sweat alot so you will lost wieght faster and drink fluids while your running. Thats what i do.
20 Minutes Every Day
Omar that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. For effective running training you don't wear as many clothes as possible to sweat more! Losing water doesn't make you lose fat it just dehydrates you! You should wear comfortable clothing, that wont make you too hot as you run/jog. As for running for 60 mins once a week, you will find it difficult to maintain levels of fitness enough to be able to run for an hour at a time, I would have thought, if you only ran once a week. You need to maintain fitness and muscle strength, and keep your metabolism going - but build up slowly to running every day as your joints need to get used to the increased usage. Why not try jogging for 20 minutes every other day and on the other days , walk briskly for an hour, as walking is a very effective fat burner, more so than running.

I agree with the rest. 20 minutes every other day. On the days you don't run, you can do light cross training, such as walking, swimming, cycling. By doing that, you are running heavy/light. In addition make small increases in the time you run (10% rule). Your body needs at least 48 hours to recover from a run, hence the every other day strategy.

As long as you are monitoring your intake on food it is great that one can include 20 minutes of cardio. I would also include resistance training if you can get it in.



Most definately, 20 mins anytime anywhere is great. But if you can get in some resistance training this would be good too.
I'd like to tough it out and do a 60 minutes run each week.  :-)  That's how warriors survive longer.

I do around 8 20 mins sessions and one 45 minute session a week. Go for a morning jog and then an afternoon jog.  have a day of then on sunday for example a 45 minute jog. Have a day off then back to the routine.

Yes it is great. It keeps me on track for my other exercises. No other better way for extended cardio in my opinion. Plus less wear on your knees.
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