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Insole Me & Svelte Winner!

Posted Mar 05 2012 8:19am

You people seriously rock my socks off.  Inserts: why didn’t I think of that? As I’ve been whining about for the past week, my ankle is feeling busted lately.  I am taking an entire week off (hurry up Tuesday so I can run!) and have been icing like cray cray.  After doing some research on sole inserts that you guys told me about I decided to head to running Heaven ( Fleet Feet )  for them to tell me what is going on with my crazy legs.

After whining to Byron about my issues and how if I wasn’t able to run this week I would die, he punched me in the face, helped a girl out.  He took a look at my shoes, asked me how I felt about them overall (he even listened the entire 4903 hours I spent telling him how in love I was with my shoes) and then watched me run in them.  Surprisingly I had another one of their employees tell me I have fairly good running form and that my shoes probably weren’t the issue, I most likely just needed some extra arch support.  That’s where these come in:

Superfeet  insoles to the rescue (I hope)!  After telling Byron he was my knight in shining armor and that we should run off into the sunset together in my new insoles, I was dying to come home and give them a try.  BUT someone had to rain on my parade and say NO and that I actually needed to stick to the entire week off.  What does PartyDog know anyway? Check out the extra support I’ll be gettin with these:

In other words, I’m oooberrr excited to try out my new insoles.  I’m able to feel the extra support just by walking around the house in them (I may or may not being wearing my running shoes around the house since I’m so depressed I can’t run….).  So thank YOU for sharing your running wisdom with me and if your advice to get insoles doesn’t work, I’m coming after each and every one of you.  I was honestly worried that Fleet Feet was going to tell me that I needed new shoes but thankfully I don’t and I can continue my love affair with my Mirage’s.

And lastly before I forget, the winner of the Svelte protein drink giveaway is….

#17:  Michelle C: I would love to try the vanilla.

Girlfriend, send me an e-mail stat at so I can get these tasty treats to you!

That’s all the nonsense I have for now! Anyone working out tonight? What’s the plan? I have another hour-long date with the stationary bike, yippee!

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