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Insanity is....INSANE! Week One & Two Recap

Posted Jul 23 2012 9:37am
I was starting to feel a bit burnt out in my regular routine so I decided it was time to change it up.  Too many mornings missing my early weights work-out, too many evenings of, "I'll just run a quick 3."   Running is my comfort zone.  I want results?  I want to change my body?  I have to push out of my comfort zone. Running is great, but if I want to get stronger, I need to do more.  Running is easy for me.  I needed a challenge.  I couldn't think of a better way to get uncomfortable than with a little bit of Shaun T.  On a whim, I decided to dive right into the Insanity DVD program.

I had a couple of concerns up front.  Running is my first true fitness love.  I have no plans to stop running, but I was concerned that doubling up cardio work-outs by doing Insanity and running in the same day might cause weight loss. My weight is at  the bottom of the healthy range for my height, so I can't lose any more weight.  I am OK with not running every day, but I felt like I still needed to get at least two or three good runs in a week.  My goals in doing Insanity are to gain strength and to further define my abs.  I'll have to play it by ear and increase my calories if I start to see any weight loss. 

WEEK ONE:  Day One.  Yeah, I thought I was in pretty good shape.  After all, I work out all the time, six days a week.  I run races, I do sprint intervals, I run hills, I lift heavy weights, I do yoga, I did boot camp.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  None of that matters.  Apparently, I am in terrible shape.  I just did the 25 minute fit test (which includes the warm up and cool down) and I usually don't swear in my blog, but HOLY CAMOLI,  that was hard.  It was challenging and that was just the fit test and it was only 25 minutes.  I'm a little worried about tomorrow.  I just have to remember, it is supposed to be hard.  It is kind of the point.  If it was easy, it wouldn't be Insanity.  I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for a few personal notes to myself.

Keep at it Lea.  You want to be a personal trainer? You want to motivate others to push themselves? Then you have to push yourself first.  You have to succeed first.  You have to fight first.  You can't help others be their best until you help yourself be your best first.  Pardon the interruption.  Back to the blog.

The first week was hard, great, stressful, amazing, and painful.  Every day I got home from work and hubby was waiting, dressed in his workout gear with all the furniture moved out of the way.  Every single day we hit play on the DVD and although it was challenging, the 40 minutes flew by so quickly.  Every day when we were finished, we literally had to mop our sweat off the floor.

Even the warm-up is hard.  It is almost a joke to call it a warm-up.  It should be called a "jump-right-in-and-get-your-heart-rate-up."

Shaun T!
Source: via Yoli on Pinterest

Each day when it was over, I felt like a complete bad @ss.  I am hooked.  Of course, I can't do everything perfectly.  I can't always keep up.  I have to take unscheduled breaks, but I am doing it the best I can and that is all that matters.  Doing it is more important than doing it perfectly.  The awesome feeling you get after the workout more than makes up for any pain you feel during the work out.  I also ran twice that first week.  On Wednesday, I hit the streets in 100 degree weather immediately following an Insanity work-out and had the slowest, worst run I've had in months.  Then, that Sunday on my Insanity rest day, I ran a 15K and got a new PR.

WEEK TWO: The second week was better.  Maybe it is just knowing what to expect makes it a little easier.  Maybe "easier" is not the right word.  My legs started feeling very tired by Tuesday of the second week.  Not sore really, just tired.  Maybe because I ran a 15K on Sunday and went right back to the Insanity work-outs on Monday.  I am developing a love-hate relationship with Shaun T.  I hate him during the work-outs, I love him when they are over.  By the end of the second week I could tell I was already improving.  The last day of week two is when the work-out times start to increase.  Once we finished the Pure Cardio work-out for the normal 40 minutes, we did an additional 15 minute Cardio Abs work-out. This is intense, but I was really looking forward to the week 3 fit test.  Did I improve? 

I did Insanity six days the second week but I didn't run at all and I really missed it.  I really notice a difference in my emotional well-being when I run (i.e. I am happier).  Hubby and I still walked our mile every day, but by Saturday I was just itching to run.  After our insanity work-out on Saturday,  I went out for a three miler in the heat of the day.  It  felt good to get in some miles and I resolved that during week three, I would get up in the morning s and run at least three times.  I'll let you know how that goes.

How about you?  Are you doing Insanity?  Has anyone out there completed it? What kind of results did you have?  Do you have any advice for me as I am about to go into week three?

Keep Running,


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