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Infographic Friday

Posted Oct 19 2012 10:10am

I’m a sucker for foods that are labeled ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’ or some other variation that soothes the buyer into believing that the food being purchased is healthier. I can’t really help it, I’m a marketer’s dream when it comes to stuff like that. Sean makes fun of me for it all the time. It all started when my mom (who is a total health nut and one of the main motivating factors in my quest to be healthy) starting buying organic food. As soon as she did, I hopped on the organic bandwagon like the little mini-me that I am and started purchasing anything and everything that was labeled organic. Over time, however, (as my mom has gotten pickier) I have started putting a little more research into what I buy that’s organic, instead of just paying the higher price without thinking about it. So when I was sent over this infographic on organic foods, I immediately knew it needed to make an appearance on Infographic Friday Smile


The Organic Debate: Are Organic Foods Healthier?
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Do you shop organic? Are there any foods that you don’t buy organic? I don’t buy organic bananas or oranges, or really anything with an outer peel, but I am adamant about buying organic apples, greens and berries.

Do you try and copy one of your parents all the time too? Please feel free to say yes so that I don’t feel like a total loser. I’ll  be the first to admit that I really do think my mom is the She freaking rocks.

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