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Indoor Running versus Outdoor Running

Posted Feb 18 2011 3:33am

This study about the benefits of outdoor exercise got me thinking, which is better, running inside or running outside?

For most of my 2007 joggling streak, I did the vast majority of my workouts inside. For my current joggling streak, my workouts are almost completely inside. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of both.

1. You can control your speed. On a treadmill, you set a speed and you stick with it. This makes it easier to run at a specific pace.

2. You can control your time. When you run outdoors, you might end up going for a longer time than you thought. On a treadmill, you set the specific time and that’s what you go. Complete control.

3. Better weather. You never have to worry about rain, wind, bitter cold, or draining heat when you run inside.

4. Easier. Maybe it’s just me but overall it takes less effort to run indoors as it does outdoors. You don’t have to worry about getting hit by cars, avoiding obstacles and you have a much more controlled environment.

1. Fresh air. Breathing in fresh air, even if it’s urban air, feels much better than breathing stale, recycled indoor air.

2. More interesting. Despite the benefits of a treadmill, the significant downside is that it is incredibly boring. Joggling on a treadmill is just not as fun.

3. More spectators. While you’ll get a few people who will look at you when joggling indoors, they are much less likely to smile at you as the people you see on the street. Maybe it’s just because they are so surprised to see it.

4. Feeling of accomplishment. It just feels like you accomplish so much more when you do a 12 miler outside than when you’re plugging away on a treadmill.

For me, joggling outside is the hands down winner. I don’t hate the treadmill as much as some people but I certainly prefer outdoor joggling.

How about you? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think

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