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iFitness belt Winner and coming out of sloth life

Posted Apr 07 2010 8:22am

Before I get into the winners of the belt, let me just say, I NEVER knew so many people shoved things into their shoes, bras, pants and shirts while running! You guys are crazy! I seriously can’t even imagine running without my iFitness belt because I can put my iphone in it’s case in the belt, my ID, my key, my pepper spray, and my iPod and that is only ONE side of the double pouch. Seriously these guys were made to shove random running junk into. This is why I love them so. Anyways! Invest in one and you will shortly email me and tell me how much you love it. It’s happened numerous times. :)

Just last night I used my single belt and thought wow, what would I do without it. Especially running with my phone. I feel much safer and I know it’s a good idea to have it on me at all times.

The winners of the wonderful iFitness belt are:

Kristina and Raf (Number 326, Black double pouch)

Nina (Number 147, Pink Ultimate race belt)

and Mary (97, Pink Double Pouch)

Congrats to the tres winners and maybe next time I see iFitness at an Expo I can snap up some more belts and spread the iFitness love. Please keep your eyes peeled for an email from me :) As for now though, Uri, the owner of iFitness gave me a code to let you guys use to get free shipping. Use chic10 and get free shipping from iFitness ! Get over there and pick up a belt. I would recommend the double belt or the Ultimate Race belt if you can take gus. I swear you will wonder what you did before you ran with it.

As for working out, I have been doing my abs but I finally ran again last night after not running since last Thursday and I am feeling good. I have come to the reality that when I do run again I am going to have to start out relatively small again and build my mileage, but I am okay with that. I am having a lot of deja vu with the same feelings I had after the San Diego Marathon last year and you know what, I realized that I just need to give myself a break. Just like I did last year and I felt great and ready to train again after a month off. I feel a bit slothy, but hey, sloths can be cool.

I am going to discuss how I’m going to break down my running tomorrow because I think I am going to try something new and see how it works!

I have been working on a sweet art project and hope to post about it soon and also thank you for all the comments about Adoption April and my mom recently! I’m glad the posts are well liked and that people can learn more about adoption because it’s pretty radical.


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