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iFitness Belt Review Round 2

Posted Mar 16 2010 8:24am

So I recently got the iFitness belt part deux. It’s the second version of the version I reviewed here . What different about this one is that it has dual pouches and is also made of a neoprene type material. The first one that I reviewed worked out pretty amazing, but this one, I would have to say trumps that one. The new material is much more beneficial when running because it doesn’t get wet with sweat, therefore keeping all inside material dry! The iPhone child is safe! It doesn’t bounce and the double pockets allows me to carry more crap with me. I am seriously in awe of how this thing doesn’t bounce. iFitness also gave me another belt that has gu holders on it but since I don’t use Gu at all, I gave them to my gu-loving friends Maritza and Aron who reviewed the belt and both had great reviews. You can read their reviews by clicking on their names.

My apologies for the dirty mirror but I had to zoom in on the picture a lot. Since this picture I have also cleaned my mirror. I love the fact that the belt holds so much stuff. Seriously, you would be amazed at how many things you can put in those little pouches. I can fit 2 packs of sharkies in one pouch, with a nuun tablet and in the other pouch I can fit my cell phone, and my other armband for my iPod, with lots of room to spare.

So about the bouncing thing. When you first put it on, it might bounce a little bit, BUT loosening or tightening the strap and jogging with it will easily allow you to ‘find’ where the belt needs to sit on your body to make it work. I find that mine sits well if i fix the pockets to be on my butt. It actually almost bounces less if the belt is a little bit looser.

Once you find out where the belt works for you, you’re pretty much golden because the belt will stay there for the remainder of your run. I cannot tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from people who have bought the iFitness belt and truly love it. The pockets are bigger, the dual pouches is a great aspect and the no bounce factor is shocking and amazing all at the same time. So check out the iFitness belt if you are interested. You won’t be disappointed and they have lots of other options too! No, they don’t pay me for this, this is just a product I truly love and want to share with you guys.

Visit the iFitness website Here .


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