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If You Go Down to the Woods Today

Posted Sep 18 2011 2:04pm
You'd better go with some mud guards!

Today saw the whole family heading out for a family run. That means me, my significant other (hereafter referred to as RP) and my little man, the fluffball that is our dog, Zac.

A couple of loops up through the woods was the plan, that way the dog could go off-lead and we could each concentrate on our own pace rather than having to stay as a pack. So suited and booted we were we headed off.

Come On! Keep Up!

The woods is literally just across the main road from where we live. The great thing about Devon is you are never far from gorgeous countryside even if it doesn't seem like it. Would you have believed if I turned 180 degrees when taking this picture you would see the main road to Bovey Tracey (not that anyone that lives 10 miles out of Devon has a clue where that is!)

Great Plantation

My plan was to start steady and just keep going until I didn't want to run anymore. I've only previously run on the roads so this was my first cross country attempt. With Zac off his lead and heading off into the sunset we set off.

Considering we've had rain on and off for the last few days the main track seemed to be pretty dry and in good condition so no worries about getting muddy or wet. Wrong! The moment we turned off the main track onto one of the smaller tracks we were wading through muddy puddles, jumping over boggy swamps and screaming for help and we started to sink into the sludge! Ok slightly OTT but it was muddy, and you had to have your wits about you. I couldn't just follow the path, I had to be checking my route the whole time. Zac didn't seem to have such a problem and decided to go with the 'Power Through' method, which seemed to work well for him.

We met a few dog walkers on the way round and got the same confused "That's not how you walk a dog" look from all of them, Zac seemed happy to show off how he got to run like lighting with his family whilst other dogs had to plod along waiting for their owners to keep up.

We joined back up with the main track and headed towards Liverton, this section is a very steady slight incline, not enough to be considered hard but just enough so that you notice it. Spent a couple of minutes cursing the creator/nature for putting this slope in front of me but then realised I was being a bit of a baby and just got on with it.

Once at the end of the track it was time to turn back towards Heathfield, we decided to take another loop off on the way back for some more mud dodging fun. The final part of the run involves heading through the estate back to our house. RP and Zac decided to go for a sprint finish and left me plodding along to the end. More fool them, because I keep the house key in my secret bum pocket of my trackies! Ha Ha!

So in total we covered 5.06km in a time of 38m 5s. Got very dirty. And had a great morning out together.

Apologies for the quality in some of the photos. I appear to be having uploading issues!
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