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Ice cream & cats

Posted Oct 23 2012 4:58pm

Because obviously, they’re related.

I was going to post yesterday but then I spent from lunch until the very last minute I was at work editing a 30 page project and the thought of staring at the computer for even just one minute after that made me want to hurl my laptop out the window. So instead I opted to go home and do some therapeutic cleaning, drink a glass of wine, and curl up on the couch and watch a movie with the boy instead. Within five seconds of walking through the door I had managed to change into workout capris and a t-shirt and was utterly useless for the remainder of the evening. I didn’t work out and honestly didn’t even think about it. I had homemade nachos for dinner and maybe closer to two servings of ice cream than one. It probably wasn’t the healthiest way to spend the night and I probably don’t care.

On a side note, does anyone really eat only one serving of ice cream? Half a cup is more like a few bites and not a serving, so I’m convinced all the ice cream makers of the world made a mistake when they labeled one serving as half a cup. I’m certain they meant half a serving was one cup and they just got confused.

Also, while I was at HEB the other night I found this:


picture via

WTF!!!! Where has this been all my life?! It tastes like cinnamon toast crunch, which is easily one of my favorite cereals (tied with fruity pebbles. seriously, that stuff is the jam.) Actually, I probably need to never buy this stuff again because I can’t stop eating it. So freaking good. Also, I’ve convinced myself that because it’s “light” I can eat more of it. I’m pretty sure that thinking is flawed.

But I ran 5 miles this morning, so that pretty much negates the extra ice cream, right? Except my coworker and I went to a self-serve frozen yogurt place during lunch, which I think cancels out the 5 miles. We actually had a lengthy conversation over sandwiches about how we needed to stop getting ice cream after lunch every time we go out (we go to lunch once a week) and then as soon as we were finished we promptly drove over to a frozen yogurt place. #fail. At least it was delicious. I’m pretty confident that I’ll never regret making the choice to get frozen yogurt.

The 5 miles I ran this morning were blissfully good. They weren’t necessarily fast or spectacular, but I felt good. I actually had planned on doing a hill workout on the treadmill but then decided I wanted to run outside. I was only going to run 3, but then I felt good so I opted to tack on 2 more. That hasn’t happened in a long time. My right calf has been super tender lately (and still is) but during my run everything felt like it was functioning properly. After a pretty miserable 15 mile run on Sunday, I was in desperate need of a good run, so I’m glad today delivered.


What else has been going on…

Tara , Heidi and I went and had frozen yogurt this weekend. That’s a runner/blogger thing to do, right? Never mind that neither of them have been blogging *ahem* or that, in a very un-blogger move, we didn’t take any pictures. I guess that means we all fail as bloggers. Instead, I drew you this picture to simulate the experience:


We all pretty much just sat around and smiled at each other, just like the picture suggests. That’s not weird at all. Heidi’s husband Scott was there part of the time too, but I couldn’t figure out how to draw four people with my mediocre paint skills, so you just get one of the three of us. And Tara, I know your hair isn’t red, but I had limited color options. I also know you’re all probably amazed at how awesome my artistic skills are, so I’m just going to throw it out there – if you need a freelance Paint artist, I’m your girl.

Oh and since I feel like Louie gets a lot of face time on the blog, Twitter and Instagram (he really just does a lot of cute things), I feel obligated to give Leo a little bit more love.

Sean was fishing all weekend and when he got back on Sunday he was pretty wiped out. Leo LOVES to snuggle on the couches with people, and he tried SO HARD to find a position where he was able to lay on the couch and sleep with Sean, but he’s a big cat so he kept sliding off the couch. I was doing that awkward, silent laughing the whole time where you try to be really quiet but it never really works… (my coworker, Heather, and I have this problem at work a lot). He did finally manage to position himself in a way that kept him from slipping off the couch though, which is when I snapped this:


Seriously. I can’t handle this picture and how cute it is. And see how Leo’s little leg is starting to slide off? Picture his whole body doing that. Hilarious.

Then, later on in the night Leo managed to bat one of their toys underneath my dresser. I happened to be in the room when he did so I went to go get it for him and then discovered a whole slew of toys that the cats had lost underneath there. I got them all out and Leo freaked out and was trying his hardest to hoard all of them. He wouldn’t let Louie take any of them.


You can’t tell, but he has three toys in his paws in this picture and he was trying to shove all of them in his mouth.

And that’s all I’ve got. A lot of stories about ice cream and cats with a little bit of running thrown in. Hope your Tuesday is going spectacularly!

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