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Ibiza Training Camp... Sort of

Posted Jun 17 2013 1:00am
This week I'm on Ibiza, partaking in the wedding celebrations of my fabulous sis-in-law and now brother from another mother. However, as the saying goes, there's no rest for the wicked and with the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon looming, I really can't afford a week off.

So, I'm combining my fun in the sun with some swim training. In this weather, it hardly seems like work at all.

Before setting off, I made a quick pit stop at Sweaty Betty for a new bathing suit. The lovely girls hooked me up with a sweet discount, wanting to be behind me all the way for my first tri escapade.

I went for pretty colors yet sporty cut. Win, win. Let's just hope it also makes me faster!

I also met with a buddy of mine who's a seasoned triathlete to borrow the bible of all swimming guides for some poolside reading. 

It might be a bit too late to start worrying about changing my swimming technique completely but it'll be good to get a better understanding of what I should be doing. And who knows, if this one goes well, there may be others... 

I was left with helpful tips on how to get in and out of a wetsuit (baby oil), what else to worry about during T1 (for ex.: putting on your helmet first, then pick up your bike, seems logical but I guess in the heat of the moment it's easy to forget) and what to watch out for on the bike ride. I also learned that you do, indeed, keep your tri-suit on under your wetsuit and keep it on to get on your bike and run afterwards. I will have to invest in a large tub of anti-chafe cream. 

And I was assured that tri suits don't look good on anyone unless you're Jessica Ennis. Worries assuaged!  

He also encouraged me to state my goals publicly for the race cause, you know, making things official doesn't add any extra pressure or anything like that. So, here goes nothing:

A-Goal: Finish the swim in a semi-respectable, middle-of-the-pack time, don't get stuck in wetsuit.

B-Goal: Finish the swim, don't drown, don't fall over while taking off wetsuit.

C-Goal:* Win my age group. 

*This one was 'forced' upon me by said friend. 

There you have it, some lofty goals for my first tri. 

On that note, I've got a pool waiting for me.

Ladies, what do you prefer to swim in? One- or two-piece suits? I prefer a one-piece for 'proper' swimming, a bikini for lounging and getting my tan on. 

Triathletes, do you put socks on in T1 or T2 or do you go barefoot all the way?
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