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I.WILL.GET.A.PR.EVEN.IF.IT.KILLS.ME....Martian 10k race recap

Posted Apr 02 2011 12:00am
Greetings, Earthlings!  Thanks for your encouraging words yesterday and this morning.  It definitely motivated me!

I slept pretty decent last night, which was surprising and I got up and was like, "I'm sooo ready!"  Cue the stomach pains.  Uh oh.  I figured it was just nerves.  They wouldn't subside, I could barely eat breakfast.  Finally, I felt a little better and we headed out.  Luckily, the snow and rain held off and though it was cold, it was bearable.  

We got down to Dearborn (where the race was held) and we were a little confused as to where we should park.  I had asked Ryan to try to figure it out as I was driving, but he hadn't by the time we got down there.  Cue me freaking out and saying I was going to miss my race.  Dramatic?  Yes.  Finally, we found the crowd and parked with plenty of time.  I got to the starting line with about 10 minutes to spare and looked for the people I knew running the race.  Alas, I found no one.  Ryan wished me luck and I anxiously awaited the start.

As I said yesterday, I had planned on starting off with the song, 'The Dog Days are Over'.  I set up my ipod with it and was ready to go.  As we took off, I pressed PLAY and got...nothing.  In fact, I couldn't get any music at first.  No worries, I still ran as I fiddled.  Finally I got some music going, but not that song.  I settled in and took that first mile pretty easy at around 8:27.  I was feeling good.  Around mile 1.5, I noticed there was a guy who was about 35-40 wearing a fuel belt who had been keeping pace with me.  I opted to keep my eye on him as we went, to pace me.

I started off wearing gloves, but by mile 2, I had had enough and hooked them through the thumbholes of my shirt like I did the other day.  Mile 2 was my fastest at 8:01.  I decided to slow up a little, especially because we started going downhill at this point.

By the halfway mark, I was still keeping pace with the fuel belt guy.  We were playing a back and forth game of who was pacing the other.  I got a little worried as I hit 3.1 at 25 and wondered if I was going too fast.  I was still feeling really good though, so I trekked on.

I hit mile 4 with ease and kept pace until about mile 4.5 and then my stomach took a turn for the worse.  "DON'T FAIL ME NOW,"  I begged it.  I hit mile 5 at a little slower pace, but was still feeling pretty good.  By 5.5, I was still neck and neck with fuel belt guy and figured I was in the clear.  I was wrong.  So, so wrong.  By 5.8, I was dying.  I needed a bathroom, stat.  I slowed to a walk for a second.  It felt like it passed, so I made it to 6 and saw I was in the home stretch.  "Just book it," I told myself.  I tried.  Dear God, I was going to die, I couldn't do it.  I walked again for a second.  I was at 6.1 at this point.  'You can see the end, just freaking goooooo!' I urged myself.  I crossed the finish line and saw Ryan.  He was giving me a huge thumbs up and I just shook my head and mouthed, "this isn't good."  As I was getting my tag taken off my shoe (they reuse ours) I saw fuel belt guy who said, "Hey, great run!  You kept an awesome pace!"  I thanked him and said, "You too, I was trying to keep up with you the whole time!"  He said he was doing the same.  It was awesome to have a "running buddy"  during the race.

When I found Ryan, I told him I needed a bathroom, NOW.  His race was about to start, so I passed off the garmin to him,  wished him luck, and went in desperate search of a REAL bathroom.

I finally found one and felt like maybe I wasn't going to die after all.  I made my way back to the race area to cheer on Ryan, my bro, and my sis in law.  I ended up seeing two different parents from the gym.  One mom said, "I always see you running at the gym, you're so fast!"  Hehe, always nice to hear.

Most of the time, they post the times right away, but they hadn't posted any times yet.  Though I waited at the finish line, I didn't see any of my people cross the line, somehow I missed them.  Everyone had taken time off their 5k since the race two weeks ago!  We waited around for a bit, but they didn't post the results.  Everyone was hovered around this bus, that was supposed to have the results
the hippie bus!

We didn't get any running pics, but we took quick pics of each other post-race: Yes, this IS my go-to race shirt when it's cold out
Notice Ryan wearing the garms!  (He said he liked running with it, but he's not convinced he should buy one)
I was supposed to meet up with some bloggers and Daily Milers for a brunch, but my stomach was feeling so bad, so I figured I'd better skip it, which bummed me out.  When we got home, my stomach took a turn for the worst for a bit.  It's been off and on all day long and I think I may have a bit of a stomach bug.  :(
However....I did awesome in the race, despite the setbacks at the end:
Official Time : 51.18
204 place out of 847
18th in age group out of 147
60th female finisher out of 562

My first 10k race was on thanksgiving and I did it in 58.30-something.  That means I took 7 minutes and 20-something seconds off my time!!!  I KNOW for a fact that if I didn't walk for a few seconds at the end, I would have done 51 flat and possibly even high 50's.  However, I'm still ecstatic at my time.  8:15 pace, with some setbacks is awesome for me.  I really loved this race and the course.  I will definitely do it again next year...but maybe it'll be the half or the full ;)  

I've spent the rest of the day trying to feel better and napping.  Ryan and Gizmo have also been lazy.  Gizzy can illustrate it for you: Tired pup...that needs to cuddle with a million stuffed animals.
In case you're interested, Ryan ran his 5k in 29.05, shaving 1.40 off his last time, my brother ran his in 25.58 (uhh...he's trying to give me a run for my money...pretty soon he's going to be in the 24's with me), and my sis in law ran hers in 33.28.  All awesome times!!  My brother's parting words to me were, "we need to find a 5k race for may!"  Yeah, like you have to ask me twice.  It's gonna happen!  So fun to have other people who get excited to run :)
I'll leave you with a link to a super cute video that  Tri Girl   shared with me after I said I loved 'The Dog Days are Over'.  Seriously?  THAT WILL BE MY KID.  He recognizes the importance of dance parties! baby dancing to dog days are over

Oh, and with these questions:
-What setbacks have you faced during a race?  How did you overcome them?
-Did you race today?  How did it go?  Or do you have one tomorrow?  
-What did you do with your Saturday?
-Do you ever have running buddies during races?  (People that you don't know before the race)

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