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I was called Sir today

Posted Jan 11 2009 4:23pm
I have been busy getting back into work after the break so I behind on my blog updates and work outs. Sunday I ran 6 miles at Lifetime and while I was there I spoke with a trainer about heart rate training. I did a test 2 years ago when I first received my heart rate monitor. I know people swear by it, but for some reason its counter intuitive to me. Run at a slower rate. Keep your heart rate in a certain zone for only a short period? Run fast and then stop. I'm still a tie your shoe guy and go. I always thought you put on miles, push hard. Well I really haven't improved my pace much so I'm willing to try. She was very nice and instead of charging me for another test she printed me up some workouts to try for the next month. Well I have done two so far and I don't feel like I'm getting the same workout, but she said stay with it. I also ran into a friend of my son's father who is a big road bike person and he swears by his heart monitor so he said he would show me how to use it on my trainer. Yeah! 

Well at the club today I was walking past a guy about 22 and he excuse me Sir. He was being very polite but it made me feel like I was some old geezer. Must be the gray beard I have growing. Maybe that needs to go. I forgot my Nike+ at home so my miles didn't get tracked. I tried my iPhone but couldn't get a signal in the club. I think they block it. So I'm bummed my miles didn't get counted since I'm trying to break 1000 miles this year. Every bit counts. I just need Apple to come out with the Nike+ for the iPhone so I don't have to carry two devices. 

I have to find some time to ride my bike this week and read up more on heart rate training. I will figure it out. Any suggestions appreciated. 
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