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i wanted to take up jogging for the first time but when i run my ankle gives way and becomes very sore, what is causing this?

Posted by jodie

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When jogging, with each step you subject your body to a shock that is 2-3 times your body weight. That is a big impact on your body. Thus, you should start your running program with a lot of walking. Here is my Beginner's page that will give you some ideas to consider.

Be sure you have good shoes and the right type of shoes for your feet. Here are some ideas and links about shoes.

Allen is correct... the impact of running especailly if you haven't done it before can be shocking to your body.  Build the strength in your ligaments and muscle tissue gradually.

Start out with walking and then a 30 seconds of running and go back to walking.  I've written a beginners program you can find here:

Training Companions Running with Dogs

The program is written with the addition of training a dog to run with you.  I highly recommend a finding a training partner.  If you own a dog or have a friend who would like their dog exercised, you will have a tried and true training partner that will go your pace, whether walking or running.

Don't feel like you have to go fast, and don't feel like starting out walking is not getting you where you want to be in a fitness program.  Building a strong foundation will set you up for a life time of feeling fit, healthy and well balanced. You'll be running strong before you know it.


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