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i want to start running but need to built up slowly, i know that the running room had a technique of doing 1 min sets and then

Posted by lisahelp

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Here is a suggestion that you might consider. Just walk at first, no running. When you can comfortably walk for 30 minutes, merge in small amounts of running, about 10% changes, keeping the distance about the same. Only increase the amount of running once a week or less often. Walk/run at a comfortable pace such that you could talk with a running partner. You want to feel great during and after the workout. Walk/run heavy/light, meaning that one day you do walk/run such that it puts a relatively heavy stress on your body. The next day, you reduce the distance and maybe the pace such that the workout puts a lighter stress on your body. For my body, my light days are about half the distance of my light workouts. This gives you the 48 hours between heavy stress workouts that sports doctors say we need.

Here is my favorite article on running.

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