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I Want To Marry Pure Yoga

Posted May 10 2011 8:44pm

Today has been stellar.

Maybe it’s been a good day because I pushed myself hard during this morning’s run .

Or maybe today has been good thanks to my delicious lunch pita .

The fabulousness of the day definitely had to do with the fact that I left the office early to head to Pure Yoga.

Outside Pure Yoga on the Upper East Side

Pure Yoga is like…yoga Heaven. It smells amazing inside, there are cold, eucalyptus-scented towels kept in a refrigerator outside the hot class room, and the locker room is stocked with Q-tips, disposable razors, sparkling showers and nice wooden lockers.

I love it there. I want to marry Pure Yoga.

I’m depressed that I can’t afford to be a member.

I’ve been to Pure Yoga twice before , and I took a Hot Power Yoga class both times.

I don’t really dare to be different. I stick with what I know I like.  And I like what Pure’s got going on in that hot room.

The hot yoga room

Thanks to the lovely people at Pure, I was able to take a complimentary class tonight. Per usual, I loved it.

I love getting super sweaty and feeling totally cleansed by the end of class.

It was Level 2 class, and I definitely felt like the least yogic (?) person in the room. There were some hardcore people in there, busting out handstands like it was nothing.

I look forward to the day that I know the names of all the poses really well so that I don’t have to be constantly look up at the instructor or following the advanced students. I worry that I’m doing the poses wrong all the time.

Still, great class. I loved every minute of it and I felt nice and stretchy when I left.

Another reason today was superb? I came home to a birthday present from my parents: new bedding!


I picked out this awesome orange comforter at ZGallerie when I first moved.

After ABS and I broke up, I was pretty adamant about getting new bedding. It just seemed weird and uncomfortable to keep sleeping in “our” bedding (even though it was all mine to begin with). I loved this comforter because the color is so cheerful and happy — and after the breakup, my goal was to be more cheerful and happy!

So I was thrilled to come home today to this massive splash of orange!

Now I just need to complete the set with matching pillowcases, because the green and purple (plus the green curtains) don’t really go well with the new orange theme.

I’m already excited to sleep with my new blankets tonight.

After I got home, I decided that I really need a haircut. My ends have been really dead-looking lately, probably since I haven’t gotten a haircut since December.

When I moved to NYC and realized I was going to be poor, haircuts and eyebrow waxes were the first things to go. I can tweeze my own eyebrows, and I prefer long hair anyway.

I hate that haircuts are so dang expensive in NYC — they’re usually at least $60, and that rarely includes a blow dry.

Sixty-plus dollars for a two-inch trim? Absolutely not.

So tonight I went to the Supercuts on my corner.

I spent $26 and they did a great job. Frugal Ali rules.

Next up in the good day parade…

Oh 16 Handles, you make my heart happy.

Obviously frozen yogurt was going to make an appearance tonight.

16 Handles, you are my one true love.

Well, you and hot yoga.

And orange bedding.

Today was a good day.

TELL ME: What was the best part of your day?

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