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I Wanna Be A Slacker; Patagonia Blowout Sale; Running Water Book Winner; Random Shots of Beauty

Posted Feb 18 2012 12:00am

Look what arrived just in time for the weekend …

It’s my very own ! I’m not sure what it says about me that I’m almost as excited about learning how to do this as I am to run Leadville this summer; maybe I’m tapping into a spirit of new adventures, or perhaps I’m subconsciously trying to distract myself from the anxiety of preparing for the Race Across the Sky. Whatever the case, I couldn’t wait to set this baby up and take it for a test spin as soon as it arrived.

Besides, I think there’s some element of destiny involved, because here’s a cool thing I learned: guess what term slack line practitioners often use to refer to themselves? Slackers. Hey - I’ve called myself a slacker for years! Maybe it’s all been in preparation for this activity that I didn’t even know existed not too long ago.

About that test spin, however … it turns out that I completely suck at slacklining. I’m still working on simply standing on the darn thing, let alone doing any sort of walking or other maneuvering. Who would have thought that being a slacker could be so much work? The good news, at least for the time being, is that my kids struggled with it just as much as I did, so I wasn’t completely embarrassed. The better news is that we all had fun and are all eager to keep practicing and improving. As soon as I make any progress, I’ll be sure to let you know. I’ve got a slacker reputation to maintain, you know.

Sweet sale alert! Last month Patagonia discounted their Fall 2011 inventory to 30% off, and promptly experienced some website snafus that made it difficult for people to actually buy anything. This month, they’re determined to sell off their remaining inventory, and they’re blowing a lot of it out at 50% off through February 27.

The remaining stock isn’t quite as good as it was a few weeks ago, but it’s still pretty decent, and definitely worth a look. Even though it’s a fall/winter sale, there’s a lot of lightweight apparel that would be great for warmer months as well. Check out the sale here or by clicking the banner above. (If you happen to be a local reader, the sale is also good at our Patagonia shop in Santa Cruz - 415 River Street #C.)

On to the Running Water book giveaway: Lecia Holley, e-mail me your address – you’re the winner! Thanks to everyone else who entered, and remember that you can . Thanks also to Abraham Clark for providing the contest prize.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the Random Shot of Beauty; this week’s edition could be mistaken for a secluded cove on a tropical island somewhere …

… but it’s actually only a somewhat-secluded cove that’s reasonably accessible during a family hike along the Big Sur coastline. When the tide is out, you can walk around the rocks on the left to connect to a larger sandy beach area – but when the tide is high as pictured above, it becomes your own private cove. That’s my idea of wintertime fun in Monterey County.

One last item for this extended weekend: in my last post I previewed a documentary by The Muir Project that was shot during a month-long trek along the John Muir Trail last summer.

There’s another video on their website that I found exceptionally cool - it’s basically a campfire jam like thousands of hikers have probably done in the past. The difference, however, is that most hiking groups aren’t comprised of exceptional musicians and professional filmmakers who just happen to have a full inventory of equipment with them.

When they are, moments of subtle magic can be created, such as the clip that follows below.

"JMT Campfire Performance" by The Muir Project (click to play)

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