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I wanna be a baller.

Posted Feb 07 2013 10:13am

Last week while Jess and I were sweating our fat away on the cardio machines at the gym, we couldn’t help but notice the girls down on the basketball court playing a sanctioned intramural game.  My first thought was how fun it looked.  I played basketball until sixth grade and was really good but realized that food was cooler than organized sports.  We all know where that got me.  But my second thought was WHAT A GREAT WORKOUT.  So after a few Google searches and some researching, we joined a team that dubbed themselves as the “Nash Potatoes and McGrady”.  What a stellar team name.

intimidation tactics

intimidation tactics

Tonight was the first game that me and Jess got to play in. I faced my fears and wore a shirt with no sleeves for the first time in months.  A big deal for me.  But onto the game.  (un)Fortunately for us, only five people showed up which meant that there was enough to start the game but not enough to actually have a bench and have subs.  Let me be the first to say that running up and down the court for 36 minutes of regulation time ain’t no joke.  I was breathing hard, sweating hard, and flat out putting in work. Basketball obviously isn’t my sport and being tough isn’t really my style.  I said sorry every time I bumped into someone.  Both Jess and myself were able to score a basket each contributing to our team’s measly 17 points.  But even though we lost, we had smiles on our faces and had a good old fashioned time. Hey, at least we were wannabe ballers and got there and got a form of cross training in.  Job well done.

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