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I've just started running!

Posted by coty

I've recently started running... It wasn't for any health purposes, but mainly for my stress.... You would think at 21 there shouldn't be alot to stress about, but I have alot more on my plate then the average 21 year old... Anywho, I had started running to clear my head and to have something that would make me feel sort of alive again, and so far it really seems to be working for me... I've been doing it everyday since I started and I love it. It really makes me feel like I am achieveing something....
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Sounds great! Just be careful that you don't do too much, too soon. Follow the 10% rule and run heavy/light. Set a goal to run injury-free!
That is great!  Running can really clear your head.  Good luck!
I understand how much stress a 21 year old can be in (I'm 22) and running has definitely helped me relieve stress from work, school and life as well!
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