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I've been working less hours lat ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:53pm

I've been working less hours lately at Nike.  I also currently can't run.  Tavi is up in Seattle until Friday.  I'm going stir crazy.  Really.  I think I am.  I wanted to go for a run so bad tonight.  Had a glass of wine instead (it was good).  No word on a doctor appointment yet.  I didn't call today.  I'll call tomorrow and try to get in early next week.

I'm fearing the worse case.  Tavi told her foot specialist what my problem was and he said I might not be able to run for 2-3 months!  Could be some minor nerve damage and that takes time to heal.  I'm praying for a speedy recovery and a second opinion from someone who can actually look at may foot.  He's a great doc so his advice is worth something, but he also hasn't seen it.  So who knows.  If I only have to be out a couple weeks - fine.  I'm pretty much planning on at least that anyway.  But a couple months?  Yikes.

I'm already getting excited for Santa Barbara at the end of November.  I need to do some serious hill training for that race.  I'm not going to register though until I can start running again.  Would hate to pay for it and fill up one of only 100 spots if I can't run.

Time to go watch the grass grow again.  After the sun sets I think I'll start counting stars.  Maybe I'll even count the speckles my ceiling before I go to bed...

Happy Running!

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