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i used to be in the military, could my knee pain be from running and sometimes falling on my knee cause my injuries?

Posted by potsiegirl

my right knee is in constant pain, for some odd reason i can't walk up stairs with out feeling pain, sometimes it feels like its tight or locks in place
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Most likely your knee problem is caused by worn or wrong shoes, running on non-level streets, running on indoor tracks, not stretching correctly or enough, going too fast or too far for your current body-condition. There may be other reasons, but these are the ones that come to mind right now. The stretches I do are here, but there are other good stretches. google on the three words running knee stretch or similar words.

As a suggestion, stop running until your pain subsides. Then cut your distance by half and run slowly. If the pain returns, see a good podiatrist about your shoes. If you still have pain, see a sports doctor for a checkup. To help get rid of the pain, use RICE.

Here is my page on knee injuries that will give you some introductory info plus other links.

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