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I ran tonight. Alone. On a tra ...

Posted May 22 2009 10:55pm

Moon I ran tonight.  Alone.  On a trail.  Before you question my sanity... It was a trail that hugs the property line behind my townhome complex and the apartment complex next to it.  It's a "safe" trail isn't it?? 

It was a full moon.  How was I to pass that up? (photo is not mine)

This was my 5th run in 5 days.  I started running every day on Saturday.  The first day of fall.  Also a  bad personal day.  Running helps me stay positive.  Distract myself from issues in my life.  And running every day allows me to push my foot a little without pushing my mileage too out of control.  After all, tonight I only ran 2 "easy" miles and I do plan to have some 2 mile runs in my every day running quest.  I will pay close attention to my foot.  My doctor did say about a month ago I could start running 5-6 miles EVERY day.  I have not been going that crazy.

The first part of my run was a little creepy.  I had my pepper spray but as I rounded the corned to run behind my neighborhood I realized - deer go here.  A lot.  And while I haven't heard of any mountain lion sightings near here.. where there are deer there can be lions.  Right?  Was I being stupid?  Well I started to freak myself out a little.  This section was darker.  About 100ish feet away from the neighborhood fence at points and on the other side was heavy brush and a drop off to a canyon.  About half mile in I was running behind the well-lit apartments only about 30 feet from me with a wide & open flat area on the other side.  I felt better.  I turned around at the 1 mile mark and made my way back - again a little freaked during that first/last section.  But I made it.  It felt good.  The moon was full.  I ran with the shadow of the Santa Ana Mountains in the not-so-far distance. 

It was a good run.  It was a beautiful night.

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