…at the Toronto ZOO RUN in my age category!!!  Who would have thought?!  I wrote all about how I ended up running the race for fun, looking at all the animals, and taking a full two minutes longer than my PR a few weeks prior .

I got an email a while ago saying that there was a medal waiting for me at the Canada Running Series office and I thought they had made a mistake.  I ran the race in 25:17 and didn’t stick around for the award ceremony after because I did not think that time would have earned me anything.  I guess there weren’t that many girls running in my age group!  Well, any fast girls at least.  Hey, I’m not complaining.  I was actually pretty stoked.  It will probably be the only time I ever place so I’ve got to embrace it :)

Now I’ve got another medal to hang on my medal display !

I have SO MANY blogs to catch up on.  I barely even touched my computer over the last 24 hours so I’m going to get ON IT.

I also noticed some new followers!  Welcome and thank you for joining me!  I am going to check out all of your blogs ASAP.  I can’t wait to meet all of you :)

Has anyone out there ever placed in a race?

What are your weekend plans?  It’s Canadian Thanksgiving so I’m pretty stoked!!