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I need a freezer pack on my fuel belt for popsicles

Posted Jun 11 2012 12:23pm

I am such a wuss. Here it is the second full week of June, and I am already complaining about heat. I hate running during the summer. Hate it. I don’t even like summer all that much. But I will say that during my 10-mile run yesterday in what can only be described as trying to run through warm, lime green jello (or pea soup as some of my friends like to call it, but personally I like lime jello better than pea soup), when I just wanted oh-so-very-badly to quit at Mile 5, my inner warrior rallied. Didn’t I tell you she’s awesome? She called in the extra troopsPerseverance and Commitment. My outer wimp quivered. Together, IW, P, and C tried coaxing at first, with kind, gentle come-on-you-can-do-its, but coax all you want and a melting popsicle will still fall off the stick. Tough love was needed (and some ice-cold lemonade), so my Inner Warrior and her team of motivators started yelling at me, “You don’t want to be a quitter. You don’t want to be a wimp. You quit now and it just sets the precedent for the entire marathon training season. If you throw in the towel on 10 miles, how are you going to run 12 next week?”

Ugh. Fine. Ok. Damn it. After a bathroom break at home, I refilled my water bottle with ICE-COLD LEMONADE (OMG, so so so so so good when you are dying from heat stroke), yelled to my husband “NO, I am NOT done yet, damn it!!”, I trudged on, drinking nearly constantly from my water bottle.

I finished the stinkin’ 10-mile run at a BLAZING 10:09 pace (note sarcasm), and gave it the middle finger.

Ten miles…just 10 miles…not 12, not 16, not 20, just 10 stinkin’ miles, and I even love running 10 miles, but yesterday I was a wussy baby crying about heat and could barely get through 10 miles.

Well, not all of the 10 miles were bad. My friend, CC, joined me for the first 5. It’s amazing how quickly 5 miles can go by when one is talking nonstop. Thank you, CC, for sweating part of that run out with me.

But I think this summer 7:30am isn’t early enough to start my long runs. I believe I may have to … gasp … dare I say it? …I may have to get up even earlier on my Saturdays or Sundays to do my long runs. Bleh. But I will take getting up at 5am on a weekend over running 18 miles in 90 degree heat and humidity.

Ok enough complaining. Seems like I start every summer complaining and then follow up by making a vow not to complain. Well, I don’t want to break tradition. So I promise I will do my best NOT to complain about summer and heat and running in it. I may talk about it an awful lot, but I promise it will not be in complaint format. As my other friend, CC, aka Celeste, would say, “Be grateful for running in the heat.” I will try, friend.

So this week, here’s what’s on tap for Week 2 of marathon training. Another relatively easy week so long as I get my running in early enough.

Day 1: 3 miles, easy

Day 2: 4 miles, progressive (make each mile faster than the last and finish strong.)

Day 3: 5 miles, easy

Day 4: yoga/core

Day 5: 12 miles, easy

So see? Easy Peasy. Nothing to it. Just knock it out and put it in the book. And someone needs to hurry up and invent a little freezer pack for fuel belts where we can store popsicles. I for one could totally run and eat a popsicle at the same time.



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