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I mentioned a few days ago that ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:52pm

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to make a post about my nutrition.  What fuels me between races and training - as well as during a race?  Okay.  I'll get to that in a minute.

Yesterday morning I met with my dietitian to go over my eating habits.  They are not bad actually, but I did learn a few things from her that I think will help me and I'll share those shortly..  Last night after work, Andrea, Kayla and I went over to Tutto Mare to hang out a bit.  We sat at the bar and John whipped me up some creative drink that was very tasty.  He called it "John's Summertime Special".  It was some sort of martini is all I know!  We had a good time, ate a little bit of food and left around 10:15 when they turned the lights off on us :)  We have a fun weekend planned - Saturday  night the 3 of use are going to get Sushi and hang out in Laguna Beach.  Tomorrow night Kayla and I are going back to Tutto Mare to get some half priced appertizers during happy hour then off to see a movie.  Saturday I'm running 8 miles and Sunday between 5-7.  The rest of Sunday will be a rest day where I plan to pretty much do nothing :)

Okay.. so my diet.  It has definitely changed a lot over the past year.  Even the past few months.  First, I try to stick to all organic foods.  When I shop I go to Trader Joe's almost exclusively and 90% of what I buy there is organic.  Of course when I'm at work I don't really have the organic option.   I make do the best I can.  Things were harder when I worked at Nike right after my day job because I had to eat somewhere in between.  I don't do fast food with a few exceptions.  I do eat at In-N-Out burger  (maybe once a month or so), and I have eaten at Carl's Jr from time to time on the way to Nike (though I get a grilled chicken on whole eat there). 

Some other things I avoid in my diet: I don't drink soda.  I avoid saturated fats as much as possible like regular milk (I drink soy), sour cream, butter, etc.  I also try to stay away from white rice, white bread, white sugar, etc...  Anything white pretty much :)  I do eat meat (chicken, turkey, beef, fish).  I don't eat a lot of beef and make sure it's lean when I do.  I probably eat more fish than anything which chicken being tied or a close second. 

So there are some basics of my diet.  Now on to my typical food I eat, what I train with, etc.  I have been eating 4 times a day or so but I'm working that up to 6 after meeting with my dietitian.

For breakfast I often eat an egg white omlet with veggies and some whole wheat toast on the side.   Then mid morning I have  a small snack like an apple or trail mix.  For lunch it varies.  Could be a chicken or fish salad with rice or tortillas for some grains, or maybe some pasta with bread and veggies.  Mid afternoon is another light snack - fruit or something like that.  For dinner I often eat fish - maybe with pasta or rice and a salad with veggies.  I might also eat sushi and some break and edamamme.  My new night-time snack is to drink some chocolate soy milk.  This might also help with my morning runs so we'll see how that goes.  I found out that I was probably not eating enough calories.  I was doing good with protein and fat and water, etc.  But I need more grains in my diet so those are reflected in this.  I also need to focus more on fruits and veggies :)

If my run is less than 6 miles I might have a very small snack.  Clif bar or a pieces of toast.  If it's longer or before a race I'll have a PB&J sandwich and or a clif bar and a piece of bread or somethign along those lines.

During race/run:
In my case I've found I need to take in some energy every 45 minutes.  I put cytomax in my water, but i also have a Gu every 45-50 minutes on any run that will be longer than 75 minutes or so.  I might have a clif bar during the race if they are at the aide stations and the race is long enough.  I also use clif shot blocks which I really like and they are a nice alternative to gu.

Post Race/run:
I take a drink made with ultragen within 30 minutes of my run ended.  I usually bring it with me to wherever I am going.  My dietitian said that ultragen actually has the perfect mix of what I need post run so it works well.  I'll also eat a fairly large lunch of some of carbs and protein within an hour or two as well..

I did find out that I'm not taking in enough sodium during a race which may be part of my problem.  She told me I should be taking 500-700mg of sodium per hour and I'm only taking about 200mg.  plus I'm on a medication that causes me to lose extra sodium and sweat more.  So I need to work out something so that I'm probably tripling my sodium intake during long races!

I think that's about it for now.  Hope that made sense and feel free to ask any questions :)

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