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I'm ready for a race to blow off this steam

Posted Mar 01 2013 8:53am
A few weeks ago I got a $115 parking ticket in Brooklyn, apparently I blocked a fire hydrant.

The problem is one, I live in Syracuse, and two, the license plates associated with the ticket were turned into the DMV last fall.

NYC's 311 is useless.  After calling a few times and getting nowhere, I spoke to a woman at the DMV, who said this happens often, where the person who wrote the ticket had put down the wrong plate number.  She gave me a form that said the plates were destroyed, I mailed it in, and that was that.

Well, I got another letter from Brooklyn, saying my case was decided, and I'm guilty.  311 said I can dispute it, to send in another letter from the DMV. I was told that it could take 75 days to resolve the matter, and until then, I'll continue to accumulate fines.


When you go to pick up your bib for a race, do you ever get nervous that it won't be there?  I'm running the Tipp Hill Shamrock Run tomorrow, it's always a good time, and even though it's only four miles, the course has some tough spots, including a one mile hill leading to the finish.  Yesterday I went to pick up my bib with my friend A, and lo and behold, they couldn't find my stuff.  The first guy who told me he didn't have it looked nervous, so he called over a woman with a binder, and she couldn't find me either.  Then they called the Race Director over, and he couldn't find me.  I actually went old school this time, and mailed in my registration with a check (hey when you're out of work and you can avoid the extra online fee by using a check, that's what I'm going to do).  Long story short, I called the bank, they confirmed that my check was endorsed/deposited by the race, so I was in.

It's going to snow all tonight and tomorrow, which might get messy, so I'm not going to stress too much over time, I'm in it for fun.

Which I really need because after I got home from getting my bib, I found this in the mailbox

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