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I'm in Runner's World! :)

Posted Jul 30 2011 8:56am
So if you get out your September issue of Runner's World and turn to page 116, the featured race of the month is the Montana Governor's Cup  and in the picture is little ol me!   I am right behind the sunflowers in a  hat sunglasses and a blue shirt, with my hair flying out behind me.  I have cut my hair off since then.  This was not far from the start of the race.  My co worker Carla is also in the picture in a long sleeve blue shirt number 2330 also with a hat on.    Another runner friend from work called me Thursday night to tell me the news.  I was so excited! Sorry for the crappy picture, if you want to see it better, well you know where to look now!

This is a really great route to PR on for a half marathon.  It starts on a downhill and there is never more than a slight uphill, the whole route seems to be flat or slightly downhill.  The marathon route has some pretty good hills between miles 5 and 13 though.  I ran that leg in the marathon relay one year, it was pretty brutal.  I was toying with doing the full marathon this year, but have decided to give up on that for this year due to a number of factors.  I am okay with this and am thinking about next year.

I finally got in a long run yesterday.  I did 12 miles and it felt pretty good except the elevation changes from miles 5 to 9,  check it out! It felt like it was sucking the life out of me. It felt good to turn around and finish downhill.

Dirty Dash 5k later this morning.  We are in the 9:40 wave.  and here is some big news!  I talked my husband into doing it with me.  I am so excited to get to do this with him.  Yay!!!   My friend Becky who is on my team picked up all the team packets Thursday night so I went and got mine, my husbands, my sisters and my cousins.  The T-shirts inside were very random.  My sister got a cute women's small and mine is like a child''s large or something.  No cute v-neck.  I am not impressed.  I am going to see if they will trade it for a women's one today.  My Mom is going to take my kids in to watch and take pictures.  I am so excited for everyone to be there.  My team isn't doing it to win just for fun.  We are all wearing pink shirts, which my husband is not overally thrilled with but he is being a good sport!  Hopefully I will have lots of great pictures to post later. 

I took my kids in to see Cars 2 yesterday.  It was pretty cute but it seemed really long!  They could have cut about half an hour off and I would have been happier not to mention the half an hour of previews.  My daughter was so over it by the end. 

Oh yeah I just noticed I passed over the 200 followers mark.  Cool.  thanks to all who follow and read what I write.   My Hippie Runner 4Head band giveaway ends tomorrow so enter HERE if you haven't already :)

I would love to hear any tips on how to get mud soaked clothes clean from a mud run!
Anyone else annoyed by all the previews at the movies?
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