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I'm counting miles and drinking Ice Coffee

Posted Jun 10 2013 8:16am
Miles run this week: roughly 2ish as part of intervals and power walking

Coming home, 24 hours pass a lot more quickly than they normally would. That's a scientific fact.

So now it's almost time to go home again and get back to my 'regular' routine, well, whatever regularity I've been able to establish over the past few months.

A bit of routine I kept up with: banana pancakes for breakfast

This morning my mom, brother and I headed out for a wee run. After three 2-minute intervals, however, they decided that they'd had enough and opted for a power-walk while I continued to do 1-minute interval sprints. Yes, my stamina isn't what it used to be, but it felt good to power myself out, get my sweat on and get some speed back in those legs.

I love coming home as I'm expected to pig out, be lazy and let my parents spoil me, while sitting around with my sibs and baby niece and shoot the $h*t. Love it.

Also, it being summer, there's a law for mandatory coffee consumption over here. Honest. It's called ice-(cream)-coffe and looks something like this
Yes, that's cold coffee, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, finished off with a flourish of whipped cream. I do love my iced coffee but this, well, see above. No further comment.

Right, I better get back to make the most of the little bit of QT I have left with the fam in the sun. Next post: back from cold and gray England. Oh jolly... And do make sure to pop back in as I might have some exciting tri-news for ya!!!

How do you drink your coffee?
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