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I'm Back! Some Updates on the Last Couple of Weeks

Posted Aug 18 2011 10:20pm
Life for me and the family is still pretty crazy and yes I am still stressed out. I do apologize for the slack of posts recently but I am on a very large audit at the moment and work pretty much does me in daily. By this I mean that I write almost all day long and then just don’t have the energy to write more. But I have so much that I want to talk about and or share but I just don’t have the energy. I know it is no real excuse but I am just struggling. I hope that after this week that I will be done with the hardest part of the audit and will get back to more of a normal route. With that will come the time and energy to get reconnected with you the reader.

So I thought I would quickly catch you up on a few things that have happened and or will happen soon. They are:
  •  Training wise the training has been pretty limited. I am so off schedule that I am less than half of the mileage that I should be at for this point in the training. When I run I enjoy it and try and push myself. But the infrequency is keeping me from making any real advances at the moment. The weather has been perfect but just not getting out there to train. Besides the stress the main reason for me not training is a really sore lower back. Some how two weeks ago I pulled something in my back. It felt well enough to do the 10k last Saturday but at mile 5 it really started to flare up. Now here it is almost a week later and my 20 long run is two days from now. I am really concerned if I can do it with such a sore and tight back. I’ll have to wait and see how I feel in another 36 hours.
  • As for the North Face Endurance Challenge contest, the winner is…….ME! Yes that’s right me. For such a great race and an entry into it I couldn’t find anyone that was wanting it. I know that weekend is very busy nationally with major races. Especially here in Wisconsin with the Fox Cities Festival of Races no one was asking for it. I expanded my offer to organizations, companies and podcasts. No one came forward. So I decided to use it myself. Will I race the event I registered for? Most likely not but I at least wanted the sway in the race packet and possibly attend the event that Saturday. I also want to meet Dean Karnaze (The Ultramarathon Man) as well. I am very tempted to do the race but it would not be fair to those doing the marathon the following day with me. So I think I will soak in the trail race festival and then do the Fox as planned. Maybe next year I will do the 50k at the Northface Endurance Challenge. 
  • Last week we moved offices and I am now about three times future away from home. I need to get up and started earlier now. 
  •  I did run in a smaller local 10k race this past weekend. Having not trained regularly for the past couple of weeks I did my usual time for a 6 miler. I will write a race review on it soon and provide all of the detail. Overall a good race and experience and a nice way to kind of get back on my feet.
  •  I have been reading up on the Chi running and walking approach. The more I read the more I like the approach. I’ll write a more detailed review of the books, DVD and overall approach after the marathon. I am waiting to see if I can go to a full day training session on the approach before writing the review. Most likely I will do the review of the method based upon the DVD and books. My wife is getting interested in it as well and reading the Chi Walking book now. 
  •  The marathon is one month away now. Part of me is still concerned over the lack of training. Mentally I think I am sure I can do it no matter what. The sore back is the x factor at the moment and would not make it if I had to do it today. But I am hoping that this soon passes and I can at least get some runs in.
  •  I have a stack of books that publishers have forwarded to me to review and write about. Some great new titles that I am excited about. I am currently reading he autobiography of John “the Penguin” Bingham. I should have a review of this book within in the next week. 

  • So thank you all once again for your patience. I think the worst is actually behind me work wise soon and will get back on schedule. I hope to write a few blogs this weekend and get you all more fully caught up on things. Hang in there just a few days more and the ole Sole Daddy will be back in full force.

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