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I'm Back... And 2 Months in a Nutshell

Posted Jul 16 2013 7:09am
Hey friends, I'm sorry I left for so long!

It started I was feeling kind of burned out and I needed a few days off.. and that kind of turned into 2 months. Oops!

Here's the Coles Notes version of what happened while I was gone.

1. My little sister got married!!

Me, my 3 sisters and my Daddy

My sister had the best wedding in southern Ontario. She was a stunning bride - and she was so laid back about the whole thing. It was a blast. Also: weddings are an insane amount of work.

2. New Job

I could talk forever about this one, but here's the short and sweet of it: I loved my old job and I really loved the people I worked with. I miss them a lot! But a fabulous opportunity came up with great benefits and I couldn't resist it. I am now doing all family law - it's challenging at times, but very rewarding work.

The view from my new office

The irony of it is I was really loving the work-life balance offered by the new job (the office closes at 4:30 pm!) but the work load has been really heavy so far, and it cuts into my free time (read: blogging time!) I am really trying to work on this - hopefully when things settle down a bit at work I will have more time to blog.

3. Ran a Half Marathon in Fredericton

I ran the half pretty much on a whim in May. It was far from my best race (a whole 8 minutes worse than my PB) but I really hadn't trained for it.. or done a long run since my last half marathon in February.

On the bright side, it was a great roadtrip with a group of friends and visiting Ryan's sister on her turf for the weekend. The race course was beautiful and very well organized. I'd definitely do it again.. but I might train a little next time. Not gonna lie, and I should know this by now, but half marathons aren't that fun when you haven't trained properly!

(hand over heart for Boston)

Ryan had a fantastic race - he came along for the roadtrip when he found out he had the weekend off at the last minute. With zero training and running about once a week over most of the winter, he somehow still pulled off a 1:35 half marathon. Yeah I secretly hate him a little for it too.

4. Ultra Marathon Training

Remember that ultra marathon I signed up for earlier this year? Well I'm hard at work! Fredericton was the wake up call I needed to get my ass in gear. I've been running a lot, but I feel really strong. I've gotten to a point where I feel like I can run forever. Slow and turtle-esque, but forever.

Yesterday I did what I would have thought was impossible.. Remember when I ran 15.5 miles on a treadmill last year and thought I was cookoo bird? I've outdone myself... On Sunday I ran 22 miles on the treadmill. Yes, seriously.

Why? (<-- I know you're all thinking it!) Well, it was swelteringly hot here (34*C when I checked and it may have gone up from there. Super muggy and humid. Yes, I could have suffered it out, but I have a really important week this week (5 weeks 'till race day!) and I didn't want to destroy myself for the rest of the week's runs or risk heat exhaustion (had that before - a mild version - and don't care to ever experience it again!), sunburn or dehydration. Hydrating properly is a big issue on these hot summer training runs - I cannot possibly bring enough liquid with me to keep hydrated or fuelled even close to properly. So I stuck to the treadmill and just put it on an incline of 1-2% to make up for natural hills and wind resistance outside.

^ Happy post run!

I will post more in he coming days about running in the heat, ultra training thus far and all the mishaps along the way (and trust me there have been lots of them!)

I'm so happy to be back at this, I've really missed it dearly!

xo Jenn

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