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I love running; I hate running

Posted Jan 23 2012 8:27pm

Tempo runs aren’t my thing. I’m terrible at picking a sustainable pace that is faster than my usual comfortable training pace. What is this pace? I have no idea. I think this is why tempo runs aren’t my thing (On a side note, whenever I hear tempo, I think of music. This makes me think of band. I played the trumpet and wore a terrible outfit with a funny hat).

Not my finest fashion moment.
But Thursday, after months of training, I finally rocked a tempo run. I picked a faster pace, and I ran that faster pace for 45 minutes (for a 60-minute total run). My average pace, including the warm up and cool down, was 11:04. For me, this is downright speedy. And, I felt awesome.

After this rockin’ tempo run, I was ready for my 9-mile long run on Sunday to be a breeze. I may have been ready for it, but there was no breeze. I felt some kind of strange calf pain for the first half of the run. Then, my left foot went numb. Strange.
During this time, my thoughts were:
“Why does my calf hurt? Running sucks.”
“My foot is numb now. Awesome. Running sucks.”
“I’m never running another half marathon. Running sucks.”
You may notice a theme here.
But, I just kept running (which is what I’m sure you’re supposed to do if you think you’re injured) and eventually it went away.
I stopped once to retie my shoe. I tried to put it off as long as possible because I hate stopping. I’m always afraid I won’t start again or I will want to keep stopping. But after retying, I restarted and didn’t stop until I hit the 9-mile mark.
From about the 5-mile point on, my thoughts were:
“This is awesome. Running rocks!”
“I love running, and it loves me. Running rocks!”
“I can’t wait for my next half marathon. Running rocks.”
Wide range of emotion, folks.

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