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I'll be doing the Jungle Run half Marathon on July 19th. I want to know the best way to prepare.

Posted by Rudy L.

I run 3 to 4 days a week doing 30 to 45 minutes each. I also do, maybe once a week or every other week, a 1 to 1.5 hour run. Should I be doing distances or time equivalent to a half marathon more often? I'd also like to know what a respectable time is to run a half Marathon for your first time.

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Be sure that your long run before the race reaches at least 11 miles, 13 is better, and 15 is really great. During the week before the race, taper your distance to about 50-75% of your normal so you'll be rested for the race.Taper means that you make reductions in your runs during the week, with no running the day or two before the race.

Concerning your time for the race, if this is your first half, don't worry about the time. Just run it as a training long run. Enjoy the experience, crowds, etc. Maybe find a runner who is going about the same pace as you and chat with him/her as you run. Be careful that you don't go out too fast and get tired before you finish. Try and maintain a constant pace during the race. If you feel fine, you can speed up a little during the last part of the race to give yourself a negative-split. If this isn't your first half, then if you feel fine, try and beat your previous times and get a new personal-best (PB). Everyone is different, and what is a normal time for you likely won't be normal for most others. Focusing on setting a new PB allows you to concentrate on what you can do and not foolishly compare yourself with others. If you're a relatively new runner, taking walking breaks during the race is a good idea. This helps your body recover, and many runners find they actually run the race in a shorter time than they would have without the breaks. Walking breaks are typically 1 minute of walking every mile. This depends, of course, on your body condition, your age, etc.

Good luck!

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