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I injured my knee 6 months ago during a marathon. I was diagnosed with IT band injury but most pain is in inner knee. help.

Posted by AD

I injured my knee 6 months ago during a marathon. I was diagnosed with IT band injury but most pain is in inner knee. i feel like i'm getting better but i dont think it should be taking this long (been seeing PT 5 months) and although i'll have a few days a week where i'm 95 percent pain free, the few days that i'm not are really frustrating. yoga helps and i've started swimming. i can run 1x a week for 3 miles on tredmill. Thinking of taking it outside. Is this dangerous? what else can i do to stop the pain altogether? is this normal? 
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Hello AD,

It's always difficult giving advice without seeing patients in person, but here are some quick thoughts about inner knee pain.

The medial meniscus (cartilage on the inner part of the knee) is vulnerable to tears from excessive compression and the pounding.  It's especially vulnerable when someone has biomechanical insufficiencies (structural problems or muscle imbalances).

The are also a group of tendons over the inner knee that get aggravated when someone over pronates or has structural problems at the feet or hips.

There is a nerve that runs down the inner thigh to the inner knee.  Tightness in the inner thigh muscles can sometimes aggravate that nerve (saphenous).

It is difficult to give the best advice without an evaluation of your situation, but what I can say is always listen to your body and don't push to fast.

Another thought is to incorporate foam roller exercises into your routine.  You can use a foam roller to decrease neuromuscular tension around the knee, and that may offer some additional relief.  You can foam roll your calfs, quads, ITB/outer quad, and adductors/inner thigh.

That's about the best I can do.  Hope that helps a little.

Charles PT/PT

lol.  I have the same problem, I'm a triathlete so I cycle and run alot.  I stated only having pain in my right knee whle cycling, but when I finished a marathon 2 weeks ago my right knee hurt while walking, going down and upstairs, pretty much at rest all thje time.  I went to a phyiotherapist and he told me my IT bans are too tight and it was causing friction and inflamation.  I tried for a run outside yesterday after stratching about 6 times a day and made it 2km before I started to have pain.  I find the more stratching I do the better it feels, but 6 months sounds like plenty of time for you to have been recouping!  Charles has absolutely no idea what hes talking about other than the roller thing.  I've been using a roller and rolling up and down it on the side of my thigh, and it simulates a deep tissue massage, I would recommend it.  Let me know how your run goes if you do it, I NEED THIS PAIN TO STOP TOO!!
edit* stretching**
I did two miles last sunday and three this past sunday. very slow. i mean SLOW. and i felt ok and then was really sore later that night and the next day. but i iced and did NO exercise yesterday and i feel OK today. i'm taking it one step at a time. YOGA is awesoem. if i did yoga every day i'd fell like a star!

That's crazy that it's been 6 months and your still hurting.  I found a blog by a guy who had the same problem and got rid of it, check out his stretches and strength training exercises...


I have the roller at home, and I'm going to try these stretches tonight, might also start trying the excercises to help strengthen it.  Hoping to be 100% within 2 weeks CROSSING MY FINGERS


Thanks. My problem is I wasnt patient in the beginning. Wanted to keep exercising. Had i just rested and taken days off, i would have been better already (that's what i'm telling myself anyway).

Keep your head up!


As a preventive measure, do stretches for your IT band before and after each run or cycling. google the words itb stretch or similar words to get links to the exercises.
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