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i have sharp pain where my hamstring tendon meets my knee, along with a tingly sensation in the foot. any ideas?

Posted by jecht1981

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HI Jecht1981,

Stretches for you to try:

Let’s say its your right side:
1. laying down: bring your right knee towards your left shoulder (instead of toward your chest) with your right hand. Now, with the left hand, grab behind the ankle of your right foot, and pull the ankle toward your left shoulder as well.
2. sitting: with your knees both bend at 90 degrees, cross your right one onto your left so your right ankle sits on your left knee. Now bend forward at your waist until you feel a deep hip/glute stretch.
Often, the rotators are so tight they need some manual work. A physical therapist will be able to get into these muscles with some deep tissue (yes, it will hurt) and other techniques. Do these as often as you have time and get that bootie in running shape again!
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