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I have got swollen ankles after short jog, Please help??

Posted by Jacques D.

 I have started jogging but after a short while 10 - 15min my ankles start burning and a soon as i got home my ankles were swollen and very sore. has any body got some advice?
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If the swelling goes down after a day of rest, it's probably due to overuse, that is, doing more jogging that your body is ready for at this time. As a suggestion, cut the time in half that you jog. If your ankles feel better after you jog, that is a confirmation that the swelling is due to overuse. Keep jogging at the reduced time, and then every week or so you can increase the time you jog by about 10% or less. Stay at the new level until you feel pretty good after your jogs and then make another 10% increment  in time. Don't worry about speed right now. Just jog at a comfortable pace that would allow you to talk to a friend while jogging. Keep in mind that a small amount of swelling in your feet and/or legs is normal, but that swelling should be gone after a nights rest. If you reduce your time of jogging and the swelling doesn't go down, reduce your jogging further. Depending on your age and body-condition, you might have blood clots, and if you do, see a doctor asap.

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