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I have frequently had flying dre ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:50pm

I have frequently had flying dreams but not for quite some time.  In the past when I had dreams that I was flying it was through shear determination and flapping my arms, etc.  And I must say I was pretty good at it :)  This Flying Dream FAQ says there are many meanings for flying dreams.  This page offers some explanation.

So last night I had a pretty amazing flying dream again but it was different this time.  I was not flapping my arms which apparently means:

Floating just above the ground by flapping your hands or arms or peddling your feet is an indication that you have lots of determination and that no matter how hard it gets, you feel you will succeed if you stay on course.  This dream is an indication that relief from any setbacks is imminent.

And last night I dreamed that I was just flying freely with no arm flapping or anything.  Sort of like superman I guess you could say.  I woke up in the middle because I had to go to the bathroom.  Apparently flying make
you have to pee.  Sort of like running ;)  Flying freely means:

Freely flying as high or as low as you wish using your arms or feet for direction,  often with the ability to do acrobatics in the air is an indication that you feel really good about something in your life.  You are likely very proud of an achievement at work or at home, and life is good.

Hmm... I like it.  They both fit my life very well.  I do feel very good about my life at the moment despite that fact that I'm not running.  I guess if I can't run - I can fly.   Maybe I need to go back to sleep! :)

Happy Dreaming,

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