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I have a swollen right ankle and am wondering what the cause could be.

Posted by mona

I have recently started a mild running program and have worked up to about 3 mile run (45 minutes, with 2 breaks) every other day.  It has taken me about 2.5 months to achieve this.  The last fie days, I have noticed that my right ankle is swollen, but I have not sustained a direct injury to the area.  The only sore spot I have is on the fleshy part of my side- near my right waist.  I am a normal weight 42 year old female.
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Hi Mona, there could be a number of things involved with your swelling. As a starter, take a two or three days off for rest, and use RICE to help with the swelling. When you do return to running, start with about half the distance and a slower speed (longer pace). This will give your body more time for recovery and will allow your body to ease into running. Run heavy/light and use the 10% rule to increase your distance. Run a comfortable pace in which you could talk with a running buddy, and forget about going faster. That will come later in your training. Here is a page that briefly explains heavy/light and the 10% rule.

Here is my page on RICE.

Here is a page on tips for preventing injury.

Running damages body cells and is thus destructive to your body. During rest after you run, your body repairs the damage to the cells (recovery) and becomes stronger. Thus, it is critical that you have sufficient rest between heavy runs. In addition to running heavy/light and following the 10% rule, take a rest week once a month in which you run about 50%-70% of your normal weekly distance.

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