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I Have A New Favourite Thing (Ever)

Posted Mar 13 2013 9:49am
The week is off to a love-ah-lee start here in my corner of the world!

On Monday, I took a rest day from running (those are so important!) and Boy and I went to the end of the year Banquet for our local major junior hockey league. I actually kind of forgot about the banquet and was in my pajammas cooking supper when boy called to let me know he was leaving work and would pick me up in 15. Oops. 

Posing with Boy, the in-laws and Justin (billet-bro-in-law)

Boy's family has a billet from the team (and he won the top defenceman award, wahoo!). The meal was awesome and the award presentations were short and sweet. I was really impressed with the conference centre staff, they had a separate vegetarian meal made for me - some sort of curry stir fry and it was delicious. 

The dessert was a tiramisu and it was insanely good. Boy and I were trying to scheme ways to get our hands on more dessert. Unfortunately, the kid sitting next to Ryan wasn't fooled when we tried to take it when his head was turned, and apparently it's uncool to consider taking the extra dessert from the table next to us, even though no one looked like they were eating it. Acting like a grown up is so hard sometimes. 

Yesterday Boy and I got back on track and went for a 4 mile run together. We don't usually run together since he's fast and I am really not - but I am such a treat to hang out with that he slows down and runs with me from time to time :) I think yesterday he was just secretly jealous of my awesome pink headlamp! My sis gave it to me for Christmas and I'm kind of obsessed. This is the first time I've used if for anything other than tormenting the dog and wearing it around the house... 

I've never used a headlamp running before and I'm pretty sure it was the best thing ever. They have Energizer Night Races in cooler places in Canada (I don't know WHY they can't just come to Cape Breton, we're all about the headlamps yo) where the race is run at night in the dark and everyone gets a headlamp. I'm going to circulate a petition to Energizer to make them come here, mostly so I can rock my sweet pink headlamp. 

Have you ever run a night race?

What's the coolest/ weirdest race you've ever done?

If you could do any adventure or themed race in the world, what would it be?

- I'd love to do one of the womens races or the army half. I also want to do the Tough Mudder!

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