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I hate speed walking

Posted Sep 25 2009 12:00am

By Alison

This morning I woke up 36 weeks pregnant ... and grumpy. I wanted to exercise, but wasn't sure what to do. Running is not an option now. I could go to the gym and do the elliptical again, but that did not seem appealing whatsoever.

Okay, I guess I'll try one of these "speed walks" with my dog Toby . I got in my workout clothes, running sneakers, and strapped on my iPod. I started out later than usual so once again, the streets were crowded with annoying traffic, moms with kids and strollers, dog walkers, school buses ... enough to turn Toby into an ADHD-crazed maniac.

I think Toby equates my iPod and sunglasses (or Nike hat) with running. So when we started out, he began pulling ahead in his usual trot, looking back at me as if to say,
"C'mon Alison! Let's go!"

I pull him back and think,
Not this time, Toby .

We're going to be speed-walkers today! Yuck. I don't like speed walking at all. All I want to do is break out into a run. It takes too damn long to get anywhere. I get impatient. I never fall into that "zone" like I do when I run. When I'm walking casually, I'm actually a very slow walker.

For me, there are two speeds: 1) exercising: running or some other kick-ass workout like biking for 3 hours, cardio-kickboxing, spinning; or, 2) relaxation and casual daily activity: slow walking to get from point A to point B (unless I'm walking in NYC).

This is probably why I never got into yoga. Too slow! If I want that sort of relaxation, I'll get a massage. I know, I know. Yoga really is great for stretching out your muscles. No matter how many times I've tried, I just never became a yoga junkie. Besides, doesn't "yoga-buggy" sound silly?

Back to this morning.
I was speed walking for some time when we approached several other dogs. Lately, Toby has this horrible habit of darting forward when he sees other dogs (or birds, or squirrels, or landscapers, or street-sweepers - you get it!), all 70 pounds of him, jumping, bouncing and going into a frenzy... pulling me with him.

When I saw the other dogs, I picked up the pace and started jogging. I knew jogging would be the only thing to keep Toby in line without going bonkers. Ahh... that was the pace I needed! I only kept it up long enough to pass the other dogs and then I said, "Just go to that next stop sign."

I did this a few times this morning. Then... I went back to my so-called speed walk.

I felt frustrated and angry when I got home. When I run, 99% of the time I finish feeling happy, energetic and ready to face the day. I could wake up in a bad mood, zero desire to run -- heck, even with a slight fuzzy-headed feeling from the bottle of wine I shared with my husband the night before (pre-preggers, of course!) -- but as soon as I do, it's like I popped an anti-depressant. I guess this is why I've always said running is the

Now that I'm back from the speed-walking ordeal I can reflect.
Oh, it wasn't so bad. You know what? It was nicer to be outdoors than stuck in the gym. So I guess in these last few weeks of pregnancy I can find the time to add some outdoor speed walks to my gym workout mix.

Geesh! The things we do for pregnancy! :)
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