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I hate running inside

Posted Dec 02 2009 12:00am

Notice the qualifier: inside.

Today, as you saw below , it was snowing in Dallas. After my anger subsided, I made a plan for the day: Teach, workout, rehearsal, teach.

Since the weather was yucky, I went to the gym at school to do my running on the indoor track. Here is my This or That comparison that led me to the conclusion that I do not like to run indoors.



As far as the pros go, I can fix these to make running outside (closer to home) easier.

The final verdict? I much prefer to run outside. Unfortunately it’s getting cold.

In other news, despite that my legs feel like total and utter jello, I had a great workout this morning/early afternoon. I started Week 3 of the C25k , and was amazed that I didn’t want to die–right away. This is starting to feel attainable!

After the run, I did 20 min of rolling hills on a stationary bike (up a gear for 2 min, back a gear for 1, up a gear for 2, etc). I was a hot, sweaty mess and promptly took a cold shower.

As I mention above, I really really hate showering at the gym. I have all my travel products and shower shoes and whatnot, but I’m the type of person who loves their warm water and shower time. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just a weirdo? I remember being so excited to go home for the weekends in college because it meant I could take a real shower…

Any pro tips from you seasoned runners out there? How can I make either scenario better?

P.S. There’s been a major lack of photo documentation on this blog. That will be remedied soon enough. Promise :)

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