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I had quite the fun time and qui ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:52pm

Sea4 I had quite the fun time and quite the adventure over the weekend.  I'm back and made it in one piece!  Sorry the pictures are not super clear - I forgot my camera so there are from my cell phone - the best I could do! 

My Flight was mostly uneventful.  I did have a nice chat with the girl next to me over the 20 minutes or so we were descending to land.  Her name is Andee and we exchanged myspace info.  Hey - myspace is everywhere...  She's also a runner and lives in Huntington Beach, so we talked about running together sometime.  Tavi picked me up at the airport.  Kaylan was driving (the oldest son at the house she's staying at), and Kailee was with us as well.  We went to go get some food at a place near the airport.  We were having a hard time finding parking even with Tavi's handicap pass :)  Well.. we had to turn around and Kaylan floored it.  SMASH.  We hit something hard and he could go forward.  We hopped out of the truck to discover he rode the back end of it up on to a solid metal pole and was a few inches from taking out a fire hydrant.  The back wheels were a few feet off the ground.  Geesh.  Welcome to Seattle!  We had dinner and it was good then off to bed.

Sea1trail_1Saturday morning I went for a run in the Redmond Watershed Sea2trail preserve.  The family was leaving so they dropped me off.  I just had to run back.  I took two pictures and posted them here of the preserve.  It was beautiful, sunny and shaded, pine needed covered trails and smelled amazing.  I ran in there for a bit, then took a powerline trail to the Sammanash River before heading back to the house.  All told I ran about 11.5 miles in about 11:45 minute miles.  The last mile was a bit rough and I walked quite a bit.  The last 3 miles was all sidewalk and my trail shoes didn't really have the cushion for that so I didn't want to hurt my poor little feet :) 

Saturday afternoon we drove to Gig Harbor to visit Tavi's grandmother.  She made us a great meal and we stayed for for a bit chatting before heading home, and after taking with us a large jar of homemade and pickles.  On the way home we had planned to buy a bottle of wine but forgot. 

Sea3jesstav Back at the house we looked around and decided the bottle of Peppermint Schnapps would do fine :)  Before we got to that we ate almost the entire jar of pickles.  Yeah they were that good!  We had to throw the rest away the next morning - we were a little pickled out.  We popped in Just Like Heavin, grabbed the schnapps and planted ourselves in the living room for a while.  We started the shots about when the movie started.  We were one for one until we hit four shots.  Tavi was worried - rightly so about falling off her crutches and hurting her foot.  Since I didn't have that concern I figured I'd have a couple more shots.  It occurred to me after my 6th shot that I might as well finish off the bottle since it was almost gone - so I did.  9 Shots!  This coming from a girl who gets pretty toasted from 4 glasses of wine.  Needless to say I was pretty well gone.  Though not horribly wasted.  I didn't get sick.  I washed up before bed. And I remember pretty much everything from that night.  We went to bed around 10PM and work up at 10:30 the next morning!  Yikes!  I haven't slept that long in a loooong time.

Sea5me_1Sunday we did a lot of relaxing and watched some movies including Stick It (actually mildly entertaining) and Dreamer which made me cry pretty much from start to finish!  Sunday night Ryan (Tavi's fiance) had driven up to have dinner with us. 

Ryan drove us around Seattle and we had lunch before driving around some more, stopping at Starbucks World Headquarters and made our way for them to drop me off at the airport.

It was a fun trip but now back to reality.  I work both jobs Tues-Thursday this week and have a half marathon this Saturday up in Matt's neck of the woods.  Next Tuesday Tavi is finally coming back home too!

Twin Peaks is surely coming along well.  We have some sponsors now including Cytomax!  We also have our insurance certificate now too. 

I signed up for the Las Vegas Marathon on Dec 10th and am seriously considering using my entry and still running the Nike Women's Marathon on Oct 22.  That will give me a month before SB9Trails and will serve as a good long training run.  If things work out with transportation and lodging then I'm 99% certain I'll run it.  After all I need to get that Tiffany's finisher necklace :)  And on the SB9Trails front if you plan on running it and haven't signed up yet - there are only 25 open spots.  Looks like it's going to sell out there year.

I've got some blogging to catch up on this week.

Happy Running!

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