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I got on the bike tonight. Just ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:53pm

I got on the bike tonight.  Just on the trainer. I didn't go anywhere.  I need to start working on some cardio so I don't completely lose my fitness level.  I was feeling a bit discouraged tonight because my foot is actually hurting a fair amount, and it's barely hurt at all over the past few days.  30 minutes on the bike helped my mood a little bit.  Geesh.  It's been SO Long since I've been on a bike!  I might become an addict the next few weeks and bike every day.  It will give me something to keep my mind off my foot - hopefully. 

Unfortunately my time on the bike was cut short tonight because my foot was hurting even on there.  I guess I'm hoping for a pain free week so that I can start the ticker to when I can run again.  My plan is roughly 2-3 weeks of no pain before I run.  I'm probably still 3 weeks out or so...

I got excited today after some email exchanges with Olga. She is running the AC100 in mid-september which is only 70ish miles from my house.  If my recovery goes well I'm hoping I can run miles 60-75 with her and meet up with her again at the finish.  So... just one more reason for my dang foot to get better!

I'm eagerly awaiting the next badwater webcast update.  They are supposed to update in about an hour or so.  I guess I'll hit the shower, relax and bit and check for updates before I go to bed.

Happy Running,

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