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I feel smarter already!

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:36pm
Whew. I am exhausted.

In the last 3 days of school I realized there is huge difference between going to work/waiting tables/bartending on little sleep versus sitting in a cold, artificially lit, quiet classroom on little sleep. One keeps me moving so I don't notice the exhaustion. The other? ZZZzzzzzzz. It's all I can do to focus on the notes I am writing without spacing out into la la land, and it's not simply because world history to 1500 bores me (my father will cringe when he reads that!).

I've read quite a few blogs over the past week about over training and even becoming "obsessive" and addicted to your workouts. Heck, even in the first day of Exercise Phys class yesterday we discussed the fine line between "overreaching" and "over training". And I'm starting to realize that a big part of being dedicated to something is knowing when to say enough is enough and allow yourself some rest.

See the light bulbs going off inside of my head!

So I slept in this morning. I missed what I presumed to be a kick ass "Ranger style" boot camp today that I was really looking forward to. But sitting in the rocking chair at 10:30 last night, just TRYING to get the baby to sleep, I realized how utterly exhausted my body and my brain were. So I gave myself permission to slack sleep. I've gotten so into my workouts over the last 3 weeks that it is literally harder mentally to skip a workout than it is to get up for a workout. (Don't you love when you get to that point?)

I have a 16 miler scheduled for tomorrow. And yes, I will be Galloway'ing it up (6/1's tomorrow). I was really surprised at how defensive many got over me calling the run/walk method cheating, haha! Now friends, let me reassure you , I don't think it's cheating. I don't think you are cheating or any less of a runner if you do it. I just feel like I am cheating myself when I do it. Why? Because I'm crazy. That's why. Because over the last few years I've developed this crazy competitive side that I never knew was missing. You can tell me until you are blue in the face about how "good" this could be for me, but I'm ridiculously stubborn. If someone else can do something I want to do, then I want to strive to be that good too. And since a good portion of the fastie's (that's everyone I know who has qualified for current bench mark of "fast") do NOT walk consistantly throughout a marathon, well, I don't want to either.

It's silly I know.

But regardless, I'm not quite to the running level I had hoped to be when I started this training plan a few months ago . Life gets in the way , what can you do. I am feeling stronger and stronger every day however, and I still feel that even if I run/walk Baltimore with a set plan, I will still come out on top with a P.R.

And all of you run/walk Galloway fans can tell me "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"

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