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I feel numb all over my body after running 3 miles

Posted by me1

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Try running 1 mile and see how you feel. If you feel ok, try 2 miles. If you don't feel OK, try 0.5 miles. If you feel OK with 2 miles, try 2.5 miles. You may be going farther than your body can handle. Running puts stress on your body. The longer the distance, the more stress. If you can find a distance in which your body feels OK after a run, go back to that distance and run it for a week or so. Then make small weekly (or longer) increases in your distance, and don't make another increase until your body feels fine with the first increase you made. Typically, many runners can handle 10% increases. Some runners can only make 5% increases, and a few might do fine with 12 or 13% increases.
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